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.Tuesday, July 03, 2007 ' 4:10 PM Y
I'm a hardworking girl today. Instead of going home straight after INFA tutorial, I'm here in the school library doing my E-Portfolio, part of my CIP E-Learning assignment. And surprisingly, I've actually enjoying myself! I'm not exactly an IT whiz, but I really feel that the knowlegde of simple HTML can help to make a normal webpage look alot nicer. Haha. Anyways, here's an update of what I did for last weekend:

Friday was a short day. Ended lessons at 1pm. Went to Dear's house to change, then met up with Van and Ben at Downtown East. Linner (lunch+dinner) was Sakae. Fantastic food. But bad service. We asked for ice water and had to wait 15 minutes. We ordered a can of Pepsi and it never came. And some other stuff to grouch about: The restaurant is small, just about the size of my house, maybe a little bigger. And if you think its air-conditioned, man... you're SO WRONG. There are definitely airconditioning units. But for show only. No wonder customers looked pretty few. What was definitely the worse thing to happen was the billing thing. Those who have gone for the buffet thing at Sakae should know that there's a free portion of dessert for each person right? Van, Ben and Dear wanted to change theirs to the Mini Bud's ice-cream instead. But it costs $2.30. So we asked the waitress if we could change and top up the 40 cents difference, since the free dessert originally costs $1.90. The waitress told us yes, so we happily changed 3 portions of free dessert for the Bud's ice-cream. After that when we went to pay for the bill, they charged us the full $2.30 of the Bud's ice-cream. So obviously we had a "discussion" with the manager, who told us "Cannot! Cannot change one!" The waitress also came out to tell us that she didn't say that we could top up the difference. I was seriously pissed off by this point of time so I told her "It is a fact that you DID say that we could top up the difference to change the dessert. All 4 of us were present, all 4 of us heard the same thing!" And she was like "No... I never say..."

I'm not making all these up okay. Van and Ben can vouch for me. Haha. So anyway after we settled everything (not going into details. Lazy lah.), we went to play Zone X. Had fun squeezing around the PhotoY2k game, and shoving our fingers against the screen to point out the differences. For those who don't know, PhotoY2k is a game where they show you 2 pictures with some minor differences and you're supposed to spot them. I must say that the 4 of us have gotten pretty "pro" at the game. We can progress from stage 1 to around stage 17/18 with just one credit. Haha. I'm addicted to the game lah. Me and Dear played pool too. The counter guy not good one. Check IC so Ben couldn't come in. Then Van, being a very good friend, sacrificed her chance to play just to accompany Ben. Hehe. Went to Mac after that and played Big 2. Keke. Dear introduced us to Poker and we started playing with imaginary money. Haha. Super high stakes okay. Thousands and millions. Because we keep thinking "Aiya, also not real money..." Haha. Played until about 11 plus, then Van headed for her cousin's chalet, Dear went to take 39, me and Ben took bus 3 home. I really enjoyed myself alot. Haha.

Saturday was boring lah. I worked the whole day. Nothing interesting happened, except that there's this new guy at my workplace who supposedly used to be from Centrepoint. But my colleagues told me that on Friday night, his mistakes were so numerous that it was humiliating all the staff of Fish & Co Changi Airport. Even I admit defeat. How many times have you come across a waiter that can make a customer so angry that he stands up and shout FUCK OFF so loud that the whole restuarant is shocked? POWER... Haha.

Sunday was better. Morning went to slack at Dear's house, then watch Transformers with him, Van and Ben in the afternoon. Man... that show can almost rival 300. No kidding. What I love most are the parts where the cars and other machines are changing into their true forms. Reminds me of Power Rangers. LOL. After movie, we went to eat Family Feast at KFC. Yummy! I love Miso Crunch. Haha. Stayed there playing Poker with Monopoly money (provided by Van) until about 9 plus, then headed to Dear's house again because I accidentally forgot to take my handphone (for about the 50th time). Played a few rounds of card games, then the 3 of us shared a cab home. Haha. Didn't really do anything much, but enjoyed myself very much too.


Okay I realise that I should update more often. Because my entries are way too long to engage anyone's interest in reading. Haha. Sorry lah. I really really am a very lazy girl. Unless Blogger comes up with a "copy-and-paste" thing for pictures, I don't think I'll be diligent enough to post photos. Except for the occasional interesting ones. Haha.

Anyways, if anyone's interested, here's the link to my E-Portfolio. Haven't done much, but please comment and tell me how I can improve it. I would really appreciate it very much. Its quite boring since its supposed to be for school. But I'm hoping to make it look as nice as I can. Wish me luck kies? =)!



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