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.Monday, July 30, 2007 ' 2:33 AM Y
I think I'm getting a new student soon. Haha. Primary 3, teaching English, Maths and Science. Means that I have lesser time for Dear. But I know he'll understand. =)!


Is it my imagination or is there a bout of flu virus going around again? Seems as though everyone's getting sick. First Cindy, then Regina. Now I'm affected too. Nothing serious lah, just that I keep coughing and coughing like some terminally ill patient. Dear gets irritated by my constant coughing. Haha. He says its very noisy. Like I can control whether to cough or not. +.+! Actually I've been having coughing fits for quite sometime already. Ever since I got sick during the class chalet; my cough never really recovered. Its like, almost every day, I will have a strong bout of coughing fit. Cough and cough and cough, but just lasts for awhile. I guess the little sicko virus decided to strengthen itself... Just vomitted too... Zzz... I am NOT going to the doctor. Don't have the time lah. What with school and tuition and tests. And private clinics cost way too much. So I'm just going to tahan it out. Haha.

Hmm... Enough about coughs. Suddenly have the craving for Ya Kun again. Heehee. Ever since that time I ate it for the first time with Regina at Toa Payoh (yah lah I know I very "sua ku"), I've been hooked on their Kaya Toast. Super yummy can! Keke. I'm in a very hyper state right now. Too tired I guess... Anyways, I'll be posting up some long overdue photos pretty soon. Really. But I have to find time. Haha. I'm a busy girl k... Lol. Considering joining competitive netball as CCA either next semester or next year, so I have to do some major rearrangements to my timetable. Duh... So envy all those people who can get a normal allowance. Oops. I'm going offtrack. Main point is, I hope I'm able to manage a CCA like everyone else. Otherwise I'd feel too dependent on my classmates, because I don't have any other friends. Haiyah. See how it goes lah.

Sorry for the randomness of all my posts... And the lack of pictures. From today onwards I'll be bringing my camera with me wherever I go, so if I see anything interesting, I can take a picture and post it up. Then maybe this blog can finally shake off its brooding aura of boredom. Haha. Okay lah. I need to go to bed already. Lessons are still on tomorrow; I'm seriously suffering from lack of sleep. Goodnight everyone! (^.^)!



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