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.Tuesday, July 31, 2007 ' 3:09 PM Y
My cough is getting worse. How? Every single kind of food that goes into my stomach hurtles right up again because I just can't seem to stop coughing. Today in Uncle's car on the way to school, I was practically coughing throughout the whole journey. Damn embarrassing can, especially in front of the b!tch I hate so much. Damn you coughie. Stop it can anot? =.="

Anyway, was just surfing around Yahoo! looking for random pictures when I found this:

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Sweet, aint it? And the person who posted that picture is known as DebbieC. How coincdental! Haha. Anyway, regarding that top debacle about the 7 most disgusting bloggers in Singapore by Xiaxue, someone by the name of
Jayden apparently created this other video dissing the one that Steven Lim made to insult XX back. First, let's do a recap of the original video made by Steven Lim:


"Hilariousity". Don't you just LOVE internet cat-fights? And of course, the results from external parties as well. Makes the whole blogosphere so much more lively and interesting. Okay lah. I'm b!tch too. Haha.


Just headed over to
QR's blog and read about her latest entry regarding not being able to express freely what she wants to on her blog. Hey, I'm not trying to start a quarrel or something. I'm just relieving boredom by giving some of my unwanted and unwelcome views about that "topic". As of this point, anyone who thinks that he/she will a) get fired up by whatever I say, or b) be very pissed off and want to kill me, can jolly well navigate your cute little arrow a.k.a CURSOR to the "X" button at the top right hand corner of the page. Please, do not force yourself to digest what you cannot. I WILL NOT offer any apologies or sympathies to anyone who 1) vomits blood or 2) hperventilates from excess anger and dies. You have been warned.

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For idiots who cannot find the "X" button, here are some "directions".

Being in a relationship does not mean that you are being scrutinised or judged. Inevitably, your words and actions WILL affect your other half, especially if he/she is more sensitive. If your partner chooses to tell you about how he is feeling unhappy about what you said, it should be taken as good sign because 1) It shows that your words make an impact on him. If he didn't love you, whatever you say would be just plain bullshit to him. 2) Its better than having him keeping everything to himself. Its unhealthy for the relationship. In QR's case, she feels misinterpreted and wronged, but perhaps, she too has misterpreted and wronged the other party too? Maybe what has been said was meant to be a sharing of thoughts and feelings, and not meant as a hurtful remark? People often judge others by what they say and what they do. How often do we judge ourselves? We always say that so-and-so has been a f*cker because he/she was too insenstive and hurt my feelings. What about the times when what we said hurt others too? What may seem as an innocent remark may seem like a knife through the heart to another individual. At the end of the day, it is how we perceive the single comment. I, too have been on both the giving and receiving end of hurtful commets. Sometimes, we just need to sit down and talk things instead of quietly walking away.

Yes, we are each our own individuals, and we often feel that we own the right to freedom of speech, and of our actions. But if each individual were allowed to say and do whatever we want, wouldn't the world be in even worse chaos than it already is? And if all of us speak and act without considering others, wouldn't we become unfeeling beasts? After all, it would become a world where all of us think "I'm my own person what. Why do I have to care about what you think or how you feel? Don't restrict me." Love does not neccessarily mean loss of freedom. Hanging out with your loved one can also feel free and unburdened. For me, I'd gladly accept the whatever burdens from my dear that falls on me. Like the way I want to be love and accepted for what and who I am, I too have to be willing to love and accept my partner for what and who he is. We don't give too much or take too much from each other, because we compromise.

I know what I've just said seems as though I'm trying to act like I know everything. But believe me or not, I'm simply putting across my unvalued and unappreciated comments. I just felt the urge to express what I feel. If you don't like it, then I'm sorry. There's probably nothing you can do anyway.


While lunching at Canteen 2 with some of my classmates just now, it suddenly dawned on me that the way they treat does differ somehow from the way they treat others. Not all of them lah, just a few. But to me, it speaks volumes. Because now I know how they feel towards me. I'm saddened, because I've been trying superbly hard to convince myself that finally I'm no longer the Outcast. I guess that's the kind of disappointment one gets when you try to deceive yourself... I just got to learn to accept facts lah.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor. Because I really can't stand coughing so much anymore. And partly also because I can see that Dear and Regina really care about whether I'm well or not. They're probably the only ones left who care, but I have to learn to be contented. Haha. I'm not being "emo" lah. Facts are facts. Fate IS fate. Bloody damnations. Haha. Random curse. =P

Oh, and last but not least, big THANK YOU to
Gabbie a.k.a Gabrylo for tagging the most often. Haha.

(Yes, Emotionalism!)

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