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.Thursday, August 02, 2007 ' 5:45 PM Y
My retest is starting in less than 2 hours. OH MY GOD. I know, I know, its an open-book test. But I'm just that dumb enough to screw up an open-book test. That is how much I suck at anything related to Maths.

Anyway, yea I finally went to the polyclinic yesterday. Got medicine for itchy skin, some cream to apply, and some logenzes for my cough. BUT NO REAL COUGH/FLU MEDICINE. Stupid huh? And the worse thing is, I didn't question the doctor. Haha. Call me stupid, call me blur. Whatever. I did a blood test too. For some hormonal thing. I am NOT turning into a guy lah, idiot. Have to go back to the polyclinic in a few days time to do a review of the test. I'm DYING! Lol. Anyway, I'll update again later when I get back from my retest. Please. Wish me luck!


A few hours later...

Back from my retest. I PASSED. 65/100. Number of careless mistakes: 1 --> cost me 5 marks. Argh. Anyways, that's pretty much all for today's events. Morning lecture was SHIT lah. The whole lecture lasted only about 20 minutes. Complete waste of our time. And because me and Regina were late, we only sat down for like, 10 minutes before the lecturer told us "You can go. Lecture end liao." And the rest who came AFTER that went like "Yea yea, don't lie lah" when we told them the lecture had ended. Stupid huh? Haha. We ended up with 7 long hours to kill (6 hours for me, since I had the restest at 3) because we're attending this Free Laughs 2 thingy at LT 51. And it is also where I'm blogging at right now. Haha. Because the movie which was supposed to start at 5 hasn't started. 40 minutes late! *OH! Movie started!* OFF THE LIGHTS LAH DUMB! Yay! Finally the start already!

Here's a short little advertorial before I log off to enjoy my movie. Guys, go check out
http://iratemyday.com/. Its a website where you can rate your day in terms of Great, Good, Average, so on and so forth. And they actually chart a monthly graph for you, so you can see your emotions going up and down as you rate the days that go by according to your feelings. I can't describe it very well, but I highly recommend you guys to check it out and give it a try. It's FUN! Got the URL from Roslyn. Haha. You can click on the link to iratemyday from the sidebar of my blog as well. Yea, that cute little picture under the section special links. Go try okay?! =)



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