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.Saturday, August 25, 2007 ' 2:57 AM Y
Prepost: I changed my blog song again. You're now listening to 你是我的一滴泪 (You're my drop of tear) by Alec Su. Nice right? And no. I'm saying that its nice simply because I like him. In this case, I seriously like the song itself okay. Lyrics are um... so-so, but tune and melody is nice nice nice~!

FINALLY~! The exams are over. Finally I can get to sleep without worrying about anything. Been suffering from a serious lack of sleep the past few days; never more than 3 or 4 hours in a day. Its making my temper short, and my mood swings more prominent. Strangely though, I had the energy and enthusiasm to go shopping today after the exams. Haha. Even now, at this ghostly hour of 2am, I'm still wide awake, blogging and anticipating a good read after this. Today's shopping mood was pretty dampened. I don't know how to explain how I feel or what I think without sounding like a spoilt brat; I just feel that it was sort of unfair for BC to say whatever he did. Okay. Let's get this thing clear from the start.

MIEC paper ended at 11. After lots of "hoo-ha" with everyone else, we finally got our legs moving towards to the bus-stop opposite school. Took my own sweet time getting to Bugis, because I knew QR and Ben were sure to be late (and boy, were they SUPER late...). My tummy threw a tantrum today. Or maybe it was my intelligent brain trying to lead it astray. Knowing full well that my wallet was "pretty full", my tummy refused to settle for lunch at MacDonalds or Yoshinoya. Walked about the whole of Parco Bugis looking for things to do and trying to find a appetite. Was seriously tempted by Fish & Co. Haha. But luckily, I managed to satisfy my tummy with a huge dish of Creamy Chicken pasta from Pastamania. Yum yum~! Basically I rotted for about 2-3 hours before QR and Ben finally turned up with ZH, SK and BC. Asked them for some opinions about men's wallets. Haha. I'm getting for Dear for our 1st year anniversary next month. ^.^! Then headed off the Bugis Street to shop for my bag. And I found one to my liking at only $33!!! Happy happy~! THEN ARH! BC asked us whether we wanted to Sim Lim Square because SK wanted to buy something. I thought:"Hmm... Should be quite fast bah..." So I agreed LOR. BUT~! Me and Ben spent the rest of the day trailing behind the others while they weaved from shop to shop, looking and comparing prices of the CPU that SK is supposed to custom for QR's dad.

Now, I don't have a problem with shopping for my friends' wants. But then to expect me to trail around them and look at the same kind of thing of close to 2 hours... Ain't that pushing it a little too far? PLUS. I'm not a computer whiz or anything okay? While they were contemplating how to fit in the motherboard, comparing watts and whatever else, I was tittering on the brink of boredom and insanity. Because to me, those empty CPU cases are just what they EMPTY CPU CASES. I know I'm shallow lah. But hello?! I just finished my exams today. All I want to do is to enjoy myself shopping and go look at different stuff, wishing I could have them but too stingy to buy. And in the end all I got to do was to rot on my own for 2+ hours, buy a bag, and then spend the rest of the day looking at EMPTY, SQUARISH BOXES?! Liao eh. Even a saint has limited patience okay. And when I sort of "expressed my thoughts", BC had the cheek to tell me something along the lines of "We came here specially to look at the CPU cases one what!" Oh my freakin' god lah~! Didn't know what else to say, so I just walked away. Totally SIEN liao. Guess that's what you get when you go shopping with GUYS.

I'm not blaming a bad day on anyone or whatsoever. Just let me complain and grumble. That's something I have to right to do on my own blog, isn't it? And now that I've finished splittering and spluttering and the injustice I deem myself to have suffered, I feel GREAT. Muahahaha~! I think everyone should "take a leaf out of my blog". Next time you're finally sad or angry or anything negative, just head towards your blog (or use Microsoft Word if you don't own a blog) and start rambling off all your unhappiness. Don't give a damn about what others are going to think about your rambling; its perfectly none of their business. =) And don't worry about acting like spoilt brat. Afterall, there are days when we don't feel like being the good little angel that we normally are. So go ahead and complain. Grumble all you want. Whatever. "Emo's" the IN thing now. Especially at emotionalism.blogspot.com. HAHA.

Damn. Looking at those empty CPU cases emptied my brain. Now I'm behaving and writing like a retard. =.=" *Mumfphropiewe? ^.^!

*Word invented and copyrighted by Yours Truly. =)



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