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.Wednesday, August 22, 2007 ' 12:44 PM Y
Today was BSTA exam. And I walked out of the exam hall at 11 am, feeling as though Death has come to claim me. I couldn't manage to successfully finish one single question. Oh sure I wrote some stuff here, there and everywhere. But 50% of it is crap and the other 50% are answers that I'm not sure of either. After the paper I forced myself not to listen to other people compare their answers. I tried my best to give the same "face" that I wore during the Common Test 2 for BSTA. I succeeded. But deep down, I'm already mentally prepared to repeat the whole module. *Sighs*

2 more days till I'm free~! I've decided to quit Fish & Co because I don't really enjoy working there anymore. I guess I'll miss the interaction with the customers, but at least I can relax a little more. Moreover, I have 3 students on hand currently, and I'm guessing that if Yvonne (my agent) asks me whether I'm willing to take 1 more, I will agree. Why not? Haha. Speaking of tuition, tomorrow's my last lesson with the Chai Chee girl. Haha. Finally free from the brat. Don't ask me why suddenly stop. Its not because I failed in my duties or because I gave up on her, but because of other reasons that I do not wish disclose. But starting next month, I'll be teaching a new Primary 4 girl. Haha.

I found the VCD for Romance in the Rain on ome Yahoo! shopping website. Its selling at $67.99. Don't know what currency but hopefully is in Singapore dollars. Keke. I'm getting my sister to help me buy through VISA. Then I return her cash. If all goes well, tomorrow I can place the order. ^.^!!!!! Haha. I'm just excited lah. Really hope I can get the VCD. Sighs... I'm going off to take a nap. Haven't been sleeping much for the past 2 days. I've been sleeping at around 3 or 4 in the morning and waking up at 7am. My right eye hurts so much that it feels swollen and my eye bags are heavier than a panda's. Haha. Exaggerating. =)

Oh yea. Last thing. I just discovered this really cool and interesting feature on my Samsung camera. Its almost like a mini Photoshop program and I had fun last night playing around with it. Will upload the results of my lovely creations in a few days. Swear~!

P/S: I've finished reading Harry Potter. Quite an accomplishment huh? Finished reading in less than 48 hours. I know lah, still considered slow, but I still have to study and work ok!!! Haha. I like the story I guess. Got me totally absorbed. But I feel that the ending was a little weird lah. Like all of a sudden Harry Potter and friends grow up and get married. Suddenly feels very common doesn't it? Just like in those sappy TV dramas where they like to go "Twenty years later...". That kind of thing. Hmmm... Just my 2 cents.



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