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.Thursday, August 09, 2007 ' 7:23 PM Y
Happy National Day SINGAPORE!!

Are you guys watching the National Day Parade too? I AM! But I'm also watching it alone in Dear Dear's room, because he's at NDP site, on duty for God knows whatever shit they want him to do. =( Don't ask me why I never watch at my own house. That's only because I don't want to give my mom any chance to nag at me. Sorry. =D

Dear won't be able to come home early today. So sad. Its not as though they're really that busy or anything. Like, please lah, I called him and he said that for the whole afternoon they were sitting there and slacking since 10am in the morning when they reported to the NDP site. By "they" I mean Dear and the other people from his unit and all lah. Stupid can! But I guess perhaps, just MAYBE, they will get to watch the parade. LIVE. At least there are certain perks. I'm too lazy to shift my heavy ass over to Marina or Esplanade. Sorry. I just woke up from a nap, so pardon me if I'm not exactly in a *Jump jump* "WOOHOO!!! Happy BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!" kinda mood. In fact, my eyes are still half closed. Haha. Maybe next year I'll try to ballot for tickets though.

Watching the parade on TV really sucks. WHY must they slot in commercials during the parade? WAH LIAO! Its the COUNTRY"S BIRTHDAY, dammit! Can't they just forgo commercials for one day? And its only 2 hours! Make us miss the performances. S-T-U-P-I-D. Wah! See Lee Kuan Yew still walking so strong! Your ah gong can anot? I wonder how he keeps so fit. If all Singaporean elderly were like him., maybe we wouldn't have to spend so much of the country's money on supporting them. Do you think LKY sits at home and waits for people to support him? =.="

Okay lah. I blogged already. Updated already. Now for some ovredue pictures. Not the full bulk, but better than nothing OK.

In order not to make you guys scroll and scroll, I decided to compile all the pictures into a slideshow. Don't worry, I'll add captions so you guys know which photos were taken for what occasion. Please enjoy!

Thank you if you bothered to look at all the pictures. God bless you. Thank you if you were too lazy. God blast you. Have a nice day all~! =)

P.S: Sorry the caption font is so small I couldn't make it any bigger. Pardon me.



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