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.Sunday, August 12, 2007 ' 4:20 AM Y
I finally changed my blog song~! To Clay Aiken's Love of my Life. Haha. I'm sure you guys know the link lah. Keke. But seriously, I like the song alot. And some of Clay's other songs as well. I know its pretty old already, but pardon me. Because I'm not really into english songs, I only started listening to Clay's songs because I was asking around for some new music and Gary sent them to me. He also sent me some songs by this group called Kamelot. Their songs are are slightly rockish but still very nice. Haha.

Anyway, in a few hours I have to start preparing to go teach tuition at Chai Chee again. Sien. Just the thought of it turns me off. Trust me man. There is no controlling that girl. Unless Mr.Cockroach suddenly appears in her room again. Hmm...... should I? Haha.


I don't know about you guys, but somehow I have a sinking feeling that this afternoon's birthday lunch is going to be a flop. I don't know what is the problem with them guys lah. I mean, its your birthday and people are helping you to plan a little celebration. The very very least you can do is show some appreciation right? Or if you didn't want it, you should have said so from the start. Wait until one day you become as pathetic as me then you realise how lucky it is to have people planning a celebration for you okay. At least you don't have to ring up your contact list one by one and then wait for them to consider and check their pockets. And for your so-called buddies. Well... I guess the saying that birds of the same feather flock together is true. YOU ALL ARE SO FUCKING SHALLOW AND STINGY THAT YOU CAN SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY AND SOCCER BOOTS AND MAPLESTORY A-CASH CARDS BUT CAN'T AFFORD $20 FOR YOUR FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY LUNCH? Please kindly go and ram your sorry asses against the wall can? God must have been super angry at me when he put people like you guys in my path of life. Take money from parents still cannot save a freaking $20? It's not an everyday thing ok? Yea I know I'm unreasonable. I'm being a freakin' b!tch. But so what? How would you feel if you planned this event for a friend simply because for the past few years you've never really done anything for him and you just want to make it special for him this year? How would you feel if you're trying to damn bloody hard to make the whole thing successful and that person whom you're planning for DOESN'T EVEN APPRECIATE WHAT YOU'RE DOING? Man... will you please go and fuck yourself?

Look. I'm not saying anything. I know things are not definite because it hasn't happened yet. But still... Right from the start he hasn't been very co-operative. Right from the start he hasn't sounded all too enthusiastic. *Sigh* Is it really all my fault? Maybe if I hadn't suggested it or started planning all this, perhaps I wouldn't be feeling so angry and sad and frustrated right now. Shit man. I'm even starting to think negatively again. URGH~! Screw it lah. We'll see how it goes later.

Last thing. To BC: I know you're concerned about QR and everything. But sometimes, some things are really not meant for you to step in and say anything. Especially when it concerns me also. I dislike it to the point that everytime you do that, I feel like slapping you. And for today, I'm sorry but unluckily, you caught me in a snappish mood. I was already feeling very "pek chek" over ZH's stuff and when you suddenly messaged me that sort of SMS, I just couldn't bring myself to be friendly. Besides, I know I'm not a good person, but don't you feel that you're belittling me WAY TOO MUCH by always trying to remind me about what I should or should not do? I know I still owe QR money. I also never said that I won't return her. Surely its not too late for you to "remind" me if I still fail to pay up later on?

- I know I'm a b!tch. But at this very moment, I'm enjoying the feeling of being one. At least I can vent my frustrations and anger. I just want to feel better. I just want to know that I'm not unappreciated or unloved by my friends. Is that so wrong? -

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