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.Thursday, September 06, 2007 ' 2:41 AM Y
Just finished doing up the skin for my sister's soon-to-come blogshop. Haha. She's following the current trend of selling stuff on blogs, and I'm just helping her out here and there sometimes. =)

Anyway, Dear and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary together today. Hard to believe that we've been together for one year already. Well actually, its more than that. But officially, its that long lah. Haha. I still remember telling him that we shouldn't be together, because I was afraid of what everyone was going to think of me. Luckily everything worked out. ^^ Wasn't much of a celebration anyway.

Spent the whole morning sleeping, then asked Dear's daddy to drive us down to Plaza Singapura. Actually wanted to go for lunch buffet at Sakae Sushi opposite P.S but then the greeter said only got teatime buffet at 3. So went off to Cathay and P.S in search of movies to watch, but couldn't find any suitable movie timings. Dear complained of extreme hunger so we decided not to wait until 3pm and went to scour the whole of Plaza Singapura for food. Wanted to try Manhattan Fish Market, but Dear said he don't like the fishy smell. Swensens and Cafe Cartel didn't sound too appealing either. Lol. Ended up heading to AMK Hub for Fish & Co. Keke. Dear is officially hooked on the New York Fish & Chips there. Oh yea. Speaking of Fish & Co, I saw that there's a new lunch menu thingy while I was AMK Hub. I don't know whether the rest of the outlets are using that same lunch menu (haven't worked for weeks), but I think its better than the old one. A main course ala carte now costs lesser. Around 9 bucks or so. And if you order it with a full portion of garden salad, its only $11.90. Of course, there are other stuff lah. But I can't possible list everything right???

Anyways, lunch was New York fish&chips for Dear and a prawn fettucini for me. Kekes. Oh. And a garden salad. I can't believe actually ATE the damned salad and found it delicious. Mind you. Garden salad means only veggies. Totally NOTHING ELSE. Except the dressing lah. Its not like other salads where you get tuna or smoked salmon. Its the first time in my whole life I've ever eaten raw veggies without feeling disgusted okay... =D

Headed off to the cinema to watch Secret after lunch. Haha. I KNOW its an "old" movie already. We actually didn't intend to watch Secret. Its just that there were no other shows we were interested in, and we've already watched shows like Ratatouille (sp?), Evan Almighty and 1408. Basically, all the "good" shows, we've watched. To be honest, I'm glad we went ahead and watched that movie. Although there wasn't very much dialogue (compared to other movies), the plot was really original. Maybe some people will think its pretty lame that playing a piano piece can transport someone through time, but still, how many of us have ever thought of that? And the female lead was rather pretty too. Like her smile. Lol. Most of all, I like the piano-playing parts of the movie. Makes me envious. Since I don't even know what is F major or D major or whatever shit. Haha. Ironic isn't it? I like music. But I don't know very much about music. =.="

Moving on~! Headed back to Dear's house after the movie. Dinner was pretty late, and just bread with tuna because we were pretty full from lunch. Haha. Then accompanied Dear for awhile. *Sighs* On the way back to Yishun today, he got a call from camp. Apparently something's cropped up with the paperwork. AGAIN. His boss keeps claiming that he hasn't handed in one more set of paperwork but Dear is sure that he HAS passed it to his boss. Or something like that. Zzz... Totally spoiled the rest of the day lah, because Dear was so stressed until he didn't say much. =( Hate to see him so stressed up all the time. Even on his off days he must get dozens calls at 7 in the morning from camp asking about this and that operation or something. And its not the first time, that when we go out, he suddenly gets a phone call about work that leaves him all moody and stressed up again. Hais... Poor thing. Compared to him, I'm slacking like nobody's business. Haha. Since each tuition lesson lasts only about 1.5 or 2 hours, I usually have more than 90% of the day free to myself, except on days when I'm teaching 2 students in the same day. I'm wondering whether I'm slacking TOO much.

Feel so guilty. Like, I could be earning so much more if I discipline myself abit more and chiong tuition and work at Fish & Co at the same time. But I'm too lazy. Luckily Dear doesn't mind. Keke. But still...... Sometimes feel so guilty for slacking. Its been a long time since I've slacked so much. Haha. Okay lah. I've blogged too much today. Sorry for the crap. Keke.

P.S Why can some people continue to sit and home and waste their time shaking their hairy legs when their family is still struggling to support them? Wastrels~!



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