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.Monday, September 03, 2007 ' 2:52 AM Y
My body's still aching from that huge tumble yesterday. I practically flew down the steps on the double-decker bus. From top to bottom. Headfirst. OUCH. Humiliation and a huge scare. Its the closest I've come, to losing one's memory. Didn't forget every single thing lah, but its like, after that fall, I managed to climb back up the steps and sit down. After that, I don't know whether it was unconsiousness or did I just fall asleep, but the next thing I remember, I'm sort of waking up on the bus. With an empty mind. I'm like, what am I doing on the bus? I fumbled for my handphone and started calling and calling Dear. I knew he was supposed to be at the "soccer court", but I couldn't remember what day it was until I checked my phone's calendar. And now I've realised how horrible it is to wake up and find that you can't remember mundane stuff like that. Its really scary. Totally freaked me out can... I don't even remember how I found my way to the basketball court. There's a blank there with only the sign 286. Did I happen to look up and see the sign or what? I really don't know. Neither do I know why I ended up crying in front of everyone. To me, its like, I was walking towards the shelter and then suddenly I crying onto QR's shoulder. At night I asked Dear what happened while I was walking to the shelter and he just said "You came and started crying." =.=! Thanks for the helpful answer (heavy sacarsm).

I think I freaked them out too much, that's why they insisted on dragging me to the clinic. I tell you, that 24 hour clinic at 201 is a complete fake. The doctor is a bitch who couldn't even bother to sit down and talk to me properly. As though she had 100 patients waiting to consult her. =.=" And she even had the cheek to charge us $34 for ONE STUPID FREAKING BLOODY REFERRAL LETTER. Nabeh. I read the "letter". She couldn't even describe properly what had happened to me after that fall. Might as well I write the letter myself right? $34 for 1 piece of useless paper okay?! She might as well just cut off my flesh. If I'd known earlier I would have studied harder and opened my own clinic. Then sit and wait for dumbos like me to fall off the bus steps. 1 dumbo 1 piece of paper $34. 10 dumbos $340 okay?! I buy one whole box of nice nice letter writing paper standby~! GRRRRRRRR... My money...................................

Still pissed off at the doctor lah. Sorry for the rambling. My right side of body feels as though its been whacked from top to bottom. I can't crane my neck too much because it hurts. I can't rest on my hip because it hurts. And I can't rub my arm because there's a HUGE abrasion there and it HURTS~! Dammit. Feel like screaming at someone. Or something. Even though I screamed my top off at my mom yesterday. Hey. Don't blame me okay. She's the one who told me to stop pretending when I said my head was aching. And then still have the cheek to deny it afterward. And when I blew my top, she and my sister just dismissed me as being crazy again. Hello? This kind of family? Thanks but no thanks. I don't need them. Psh.

Anyway, was feeling much better today. Went to watch 1408 with Dear. The show wasn't TOO bad lah. Let's see. There wasn't a REAL climax; the ending sucked BIG TIME; on the whole, the movie wasn't scary. Not too bad right? By the way I'm trying to be sacarstic. Heck lah. I spent the third quarter preparing to cover my eyes because I thought the scary part was going to come. Waited... rotted... Peeked through my fingers... And still nothing. Double =.=" Totally disappointing. I haven't read the book, but if Stephen King writes like that, I'm never going to read his books again. On a second thought though, I highly suspect that it was just the movie. Because I've watched a few other movies adapted from King's books and they're simply fantastic. Stupid whoever who made the movie that way. Spoiler. *Makes ugly faces at invisible culprit*

Okay lah. Enough crapping. My new diet plan starts tomorrow. Please. Wish me luck. Unless you wish me to remain as a big fat OAF. =(



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