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.Friday, September 21, 2007 ' 1:30 AM Y
Happy birthday QR~! Sweet 18? Haha.

I agree with QR. One should never expect too much when it comes to special occasions. Because things always turn out to be different. But I'm greedy. This year for my birthday, I wanna go to Kbox to sing and eat~! Haha. You know they have that buffet-dinner-cum-karaoke-session thingy? Heh heh. I'm going to bully Dear into going with me. Muahahaha. If cannot the most I go myself loh. What? Who say KTV cannot sing along one? Hmph... Lol. Pretty high right now. For no particular reason though. =.="

I think I've been having too much free time these past few days. I tend to let my thoughts wander all over without any reins. To the point that I come up with super ridiculous ideas. Especially when I travel on the bus to my students' houses. Don't be surprised if one day you see me wearing earphones and staring blankly out the bus window. I just happen to be daydreaming again.

What do you guys think of me? Am I a very "fake" person? Am I really that kind of person who only cares about material comforts? People... You can give your most honest comments. Because for the past few days, I've been doing abit of "self-reflection". I keep asking myself, Why am I suddenly so interested in buying so many things? I mean, I didn't use to care much about my appearance, neither did I crave for branded goods. But recently, I seem to have developed a taste for wanting to buy these stuff. I haven really bought them lah. But the temptation is there. And I keep wanting to go to "higher-class" places like restaurants and all. Does that make me seem like those people who keep wanting to act rich? Is it really like that? I don't know lah.

I still retain some of my old ideas and thoughts. I don't complain about eating a plate of $2 chicken rice at coffeeshops, neither do I mind sweating all over my shirt just to eat a bowl of yummy noodles, but recently, I seem to keep wanting all those expensive stuff. I keep wondering, How nice would it be to lead an expensive lifestyle? Now you think I'm materialistic huh? But to my defence... Hey! I've only THOUGHT about it okay? Too bad I'm a free-thinker, so all those preaching about "Once you think, you will DO!!!" don't bother me. Keke. But then seriously lah... I wanna know... Do you guys think I'm materialistic? MEH???

Heehee. Actually right, I think I just wanna be different for awhile. Maybe I'm tired of my old self. I even thought of getting a new look. What do you think suits me? Don't ask me put make-up hor. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LAH. Lol. Serious. Lipstick can lah. But things like eyeshadow and all... No thanks. Thinking to cutting double eyelids though. Hee... I mean, don't you think I look ugly with one eye slightly smaller than the other? Does this mean I'm a very "fake" person???

I really have this strong desire to be different. In terms of appearance and thinking bah. My character will always remain the same. Bitchy, stubborn and single-minded. But then all of sudden I wanna look good. I don't mean pretty lah. Because I know I lack that sort of pretty face. But I feel as though I should start learning to doll up and all. But then those who know the actual me might say I'm just putting on a mask. Is that really it? MEH???

Maybe its got to do with the fact that I've started earning a little more money lately. So that's why I keep wanting to spend money. IS IT?!?!?!?! But then if that's true, I'm also very ambitious lor. The money I earn confirm cannot support branded goods one. So how????!! SO conflicting!!!

Eh people. I'm seriously asking for your opinions leh!!! ^^



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