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.Sunday, September 30, 2007 ' 12:32 PM Y
Finally went to Kbox today!!! Haha. Um... forgot to bring camera, so no pictures. People present were: me, QR, Van and Ben. Anyway, we were too busy singing to care about photo-taking. Lol. We sang for more than 5 hours straight, stopping only to eat, drink or go to the toilet. Crazy huh? The crazier thing is that, even after the person came to tell us "Last song", we still had a long list of songs that we wanted to sing. Haha. How many people do you know can sing for >5 hours and still want to sing more?

I seriously propose that next time we should book the room and sing from 2pm to 2am straight. Haha. P.S Kbox will be opening an outlet at Downtown East soon-which makes it even more convenient for us to go singing. Lol. Sorry lah. I'm a crazy fanatic when it comes to singing. Just like how all those soccer fans are. =D But then hor, the buffet package thingy is only at Marine Parade, Marina Square and Cineleisure Level 8. Hee. See how lah hor? ^^

Oh my god... I still wanna sing... Haha. Okay lah... Better stop before I get too high. But before I log off I just wanna say sorry to Regina. She's been calling me for the past 2-3 days but somehow I always end up missing her calls. Don't know whether is it "no-fate" or just coincidence. You see, my phone is always on silent mode except at night when I'm about to sleep, because that's when I set the alarm to wake me up the next day. Haha. So when people call, I sometimes end up not knowing about it until some few hours later. Heh... So sorry leh Regina... I know you've been trying damn hard to contact me. I got call you back hor!!! But you also never answer. Haha. Date me soon okay? Can always sms me one. Swear on my life I will reply. Haha.


Just logged off MSN. Now I finally understand why I never bother to log in anymore. Today, out of sudden interest, I logged in and inititated conversations with a few people. And what I got were a few slaps in the face. As in, you know, you're in those really bubbly and happy mood and the people you talk to are saying "So what? I don't give a damn. Just fuck out of my face."

Win already lor. What more can I say or do? Totally spoiled my gorgeous mood. In just 5 minutes okay! I was reduced from a happy-until-want-to-die kind of mood to a super-duper-angry-don't-fucking-mess-with-me kind of mood. Now if anyone asks me why I never sign into MSN anymore, I can safely tell them: because I have friends who are super ASSHOLES.

Of course, I'm not referring to all lah. Still got a few very nice and kind people that I know. Thank God for that. *Super pissed off now*



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