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.Tuesday, September 11, 2007 ' 4:28 AM Y
I've been pretty crazy lately. For the past three nights, not including today, I've been staying up all the way until about 7 plus, close to 8am in the morning, watching videos on Tudou. Its a website that's similar to Youtube, just that it features all the chinese videos. Lots and lots of chinese dramas, funny clips, and even full versions of Taiwan and China variety shows. Yeah. And I got hooked onto the website lah. Haha. I've been busy looking at all those "programmes" featuring Alec Su, Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin. *Sheepish look* I admit I'm really crazy.

Its been a long long time since I've been that crazy over any celebrity. T'was like, 2 or 3 years ago, when I was raving mad about 5566. Since then, its just been short periods of time when I find myself enamoured over this hottie or that beautie. Until now. I don't know why the sudden addiction either. But then to defend myself, some of the clips were really funny. To the point where I'm stuffing my face into my bolster to keep from laughing out loud. Alright. Better stop making myself sound even more like a "flower idiot". =P

Anyways, Dear accompanied me to the National Skin Centre (NSC) today. Finally did something about my spotty limbs. Haha. My appointment was at 2.30pm, so my waiting call number was 1430. Its the way they generate call numbers (according to Dear lah). Waited for almost an hour before it was finally my turn. The doctors are really geniuses. Absolutely different from those doctors at those government polyclinics. At the NSC, the doctors don't try to poke you with ice-cream sticks or listen to your heartbeat or whatever shit. They simply LOOK at you. I suppose this is why people always use the term "see doctor". Okay. That was lame. So anyway, my consulting doctor just looked at my legs and arms and asked me some questions and, ta-dah! I'm done~! Payment for consultation alone was $32+. Subsidised rate, because I was referred to the NSC from Yishun Polyclinic. After that had to go collect medication- basically just some anti-itch tablets, cream and moisturizer for my dry skin. Cost around $8+. Which means in total, I spent more than $40 just to get the doctor to look at my 2 legs and give me some cream. FYI, if I weren't a referred patient, I'd probably end up paying $80++. SUPER EXPENSIVE CAN!!!

Haha. Fine lah. I'm going to cut a long story short. Starting to feel sleepy. Haven't slept much these few days. Dinner was Sakae at Causeway Point, then watched Naraka19 at the Cathay cinema there. Movie wasn't too bad lah. Quite like the plot, just that 1. it REALLY wasn't scary AT ALL, and 2. some parts were confusing and didn't make sense. Haha. But overall still acceptable. At least Dear and I didn't walk out of the theatre with a =.=" expression. Lol. And now, I'm going to get ready to go to bed. Haha. Haven't slept in my own bed for 3 long days, even though I've been in my room. Unbelieveable huh? =D



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