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.Wednesday, October 31, 2007 ' 11:45 AM Y
10 more freaking days to my birthday!!! Haha. I'm super excited lah! Not because its my birthday itself, but because I'm going to Kbox! For so many many hours. I like! Haha.

Having BLAW lecture now. Something on contract cases or whatever. Another 38 lecturer. Lol. I finally set up my LMS blog. Or rather, I was so very lazy I simply deleted all the (3) posts from my story blog and changed the link and ta-dah! LMS blog done up very nicely! Haha.

Despite having slept for 6 hours, I'm still feeling quite sleepy. My body needs that much sleep. Haha.

There's something I wanted to blog about. But all of a sudden I can't remember what it was. Shit amnesia. Too happy until my brain got damaged. Haha.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow, because its the start of a 4-day long break. Which means that I have no tuition after school. Finally~! Haha. Its been really tiring over the past 2 weeks lah. I'm rushing off for tuition practically everyday, even though sometimes it isn't that much of a rush. Still, nothing beats having some time to myself right? Like tomorrow for example. I can skip BLAW lecture because I'm sitting in today, so I can go home at 1pm tomorrow. Anyone wants to go shopping?

Friday, I might be going to do my hair. Maybe a treatment or something to soften it. Should I trim the ends? Make it less frizzy? Urgh... Decisions.

Still have not exchanged textbooks with Estella. Die. Haha. I need the textbooks to read and do my tutorial. This semester, I'm going to be as guai as I can possibly try to be. Keke.

Oh yea, I'm off to Reflexive to continue downloading games. I downloaded quite alot yesterday, like Wedding Dash, Burger Island, Turbo Pizza and so on. Haha. They're games like Diner Dash lah. Quite fun to play. Currently in the midst of playing Flower Shop Big City Break. I'm supposedly the owner of some flower shop on some island and I make a living by selling flowers to different people. Quite fun, but sometimes I get impatient because the character moves too slow. Haha.

Off to download. Blog again soon. ^^



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