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.Friday, October 26, 2007 ' 12:08 AM Y
I am SO addicted to blogging. I don't know why, but suddenly it seems like a daily routine to log in everyday and just blog about my day at school, at tuition and anything else under the sun.

I suppose this is also the reason why my blog always seems to be so boring; because my days are simply that boring as well. What to do? This is Singapore. How many interesting things can happen in a single schoolday? Life is that boring.

Anyways~! Today was the same old boring routine lah. Haha. I didn't sleep for the whole night again, so I arrived at school feeling pretty shagged. And the thing is, I reached school one whole freaking hour early because I thought there would be a traffic jam, so I told Uncle to come earlier. Dammit lah.

The thing about NP is that the school is really particular about saving electricity. The aircon comes on only about half an hour before your lesson is about to start and automatically switches off at 5pm everyday. So I had to sit in a classroom without any form of ventilation for 30 long minutes today. What a great way to start the day.

I downed 2 cans of coffee to sustain me through the morning. Haha. I think because of this, I'm needing more and more stronger coffee to be able to keep awake. Die. I cannot stand bitter coffee!!!

What made the whole freaking morning worse was the BCA tutor, who again, walked into the classroom with a "I-have-PMS" face. Can you imagine having to see that sort of face early in the morning at 9am? Shit lah.

And halfway through the 4 hours tutorial-cum-workshop session, I started feeling giddy. I think its the combination of 1. lack of sleep, 2. too much coffee on an empty stomach and 3. extreme hunger. It got so bad to the point that I couldn't concentrate on group discussion, because I was already very confused by what was going on. I couldn't find the strength to THINK. Haha. A hearty lunch of chicken bryani with fish cake cured that though. =D

BLAW lecture was after lunch. I really tried my best to stay awake and listen, but when she got to the second page of slides, I couldn't help it anymore. I started nodding off until the last page of slides or so. Haha. The reason why I woke up is because she was scolding someone for sleeping. Naturally, I guiltily thought she was screaming at me. Haha. Luckily it wasn't me. =P

After that had to head all the way down to Bedok for tuition. Finally got my pay today. Haha. Looking forward to the next few days because more money is going to roll in within the next week or so. Wahahaha. My happiest time of the month. Erm... did that statement sound weird? Hopefully not. Keke.

I'm fully aware that QR is helping me to plan the whole Kbox thing for my birthday and I just wanna say that I really appreciate the effort. And I also wanna apologise for coming up with such a ridiculous wish to celebrate so very expensively. Therefore, I have come up with a proposal. All those who are going from 2-7pm can get to sing for FREE. Um. Provided there are 5 people and below. Although abit disappointed that there are going to be so few people. Haha. Sorry. I'm the kind of person who loves crowds. Especially when it comes to my friends. But I can learn to be content with what I have. =) Oh. And a super BIG thank you to everyone who will be turning up that day.
I know I'm being way too over-excited. Its still about 2 weeks to the actual day, but I just can't wait! Haha. *Smiles and says sorry again*.
Okay lah. That's all I have to blog about for today. Sorry if I've bored anyone with my non-substantial posts.

I'm a happy girl.



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