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.Wednesday, October 03, 2007 ' 12:00 AM Y
过了将近 17 年的生活,我今天才知道原来我在中国其实有亲戚,真是让我感到又惊讶又好奇。原本今天约了他们一起去吃饭的,但应为某些因素,所以最后还是取消了这顿晚餐,真是遗憾啊。


正打算开个中文博客, 以后如果又想用中文写博客的话,就可以到那里去写,你们觉得怎样呢?哈哈,记得给点意见哦!


………… 刚刚得到电话,中国来的亲戚现在要来我们家看看。 真无聊,现在什么鬼时间啦!=.="

好了啦,我也不在这里瞎扯一翻了, 免得你们读了不爽。以下是今天博客内容的英文翻译。哈哈,不好意思,等到你们读了这么远才告诉你们有翻译。^.^!

Haha. Sorry guys. Just suddenly had the mood to blog in Chinese. Actually, what I blogged about are all mundane stuff. Just basically alot of crap, since I'm still not that good at expressing myself in Chinese. Haha. Sorry if you guys had a headache trying to read the words. I think I'm going to start a Chinese blog. Keke. So that next time if I suddenly want to blog in Chinese again, I can head over there.

Anyway, today my mom told me that we actually have relatives from China. I was like, What the hell?! I mean, I've never even heard anyone mention about these people and suddenly they've flown in from Shenzhen?! Dots... We were supposed to have dinner todether tonight, but plans were cancelled due to something. But my dad just called to say that he's bringing those relatives to our house to visit. At this ungodly hour can?!! What? Midnight visit huh? Zzz. Irritated.

I'm off to do up my Chinese blog already. Will link it once I have it all ready, although I don't think anyone will actually go and read it lah. Lol.



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