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.Tuesday, October 16, 2007 ' 12:33 AM Y
Kbox session again tomorrow. Haha. I think I owe them an apology, especially QR, for they were practically dragged by me to go. Heh heh. Sorry lah... Its gonna be fun tomorrow. Heehee. Since when isn't singing fun? *Self-delusion*


I'm tired. Real freaking sleepy. But silly old me still does not allow myself to go and sleep. Weird huh?


Out of extreme boredom and an utter lack of things today, I made up my birthday wishlist during my very first lecture of the semester today. Rofl. Bad girl. First day back at school and I'm already not listening to lectures. Bleahs. =P

Makino's birthday wishlist 2007:
? Go sing until no voice at kbox
? New baggie~
? Music lesson vouchers
? A-cash cards
? New handphone/laptop
? Nintendo DS Lite
? Cash/Cheque

Actually to be honest, only the first 4 items are what I really want. I know lah, quite pathetic to ask for a-cash for birthday. And the rest of the items I added in are just daydreams lah. Haha. If you ask me, I don't really know what I want for my birthday either. I just want to be happy and be able to enjoy myself on that day without once having to feel sad or unhappy or whatever. But asking for material goods seem easier. Harsh.

Going shopping this Friday with my sister at DFS. Dear got duty, so take the chance to go out and walk walk. Haha. Out of sudden interest, I decided to drag my sister to Orchard to look at all the branded and unaffordable (to me) stuff, such as Burberry, Prada, Gucci... You know the works. What actually got me interested in these labels was when I was watching Love at Aegean Sea. The outfits that the male and female lead got to wear were simply stunning. Especially the ones on Cai Lin. Only one word to describe. Chio.
I just liked the design lah. Haha. Its something that you don't find in Giodano or G2000. Maybe that's also why you find price tags such as $2800 for one trenchcoat. Which I don't think I'd be stupid enough to buy even if I had the money. Who wears coats in Singapore? Die of heatstroke arh! But I still wanna go and take a look lor. *Die. I seem to be getting longer and longer-winded nowadays. Uh-oh.
Burberry purfume smells really nice. Even Dear agrees. Haha. I gave him a bottle the other day and he liked it alot. Haha. Although it was a free gift from my sister's purchase. Lol. =P Thing is, Dear liked it. That's good enough what.
Someone teach me a way to sew up my mouth painlessly after 6pm so that I don't keep snacking when I shouldn't. Fat fat~ =(
I think all the lack of sleep is getting to my brain. I can't think properly! Okay lah. Time to go and sleep. But before that, I'm just going to head to Tudou. One clip only. Promise. =D
P.S. Is it my imagination, but blogging seems just another form of talking to myself. Just that instead of saying the words out, I type and post them where others can read them. Thing is. Who reads? Haha. Demented.



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