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.Thursday, October 18, 2007 ' 12:20 PM Y
Urgh! Late for tutorial. Overslept again. Haha. Still have not successfully kicked the habit of sleeping at ghostly hours. But at least there's an improvement. Haha.

For some weird reason, my whole body feels really sore. As though there are bruises all over. My back keeps aching and my arms feels as though I've been over-exercising them. Need a massage badly. *Sobs sobs*

Kbox on Tuesday was fun. But still not enough. We only had 4 short hours. Sad. Haha. But at least it was cheap. The bill amounted to around 10 bucks per person. I still wanna go sing, but I don't think there will be another chance that soon. Hmmm... maybe on my birthday I'll book a room all the way from 2-6 and then from 6-10. Can sing 2 sessions and got buffet somemore. Wahahaha. Kbox will so love me for generating so much business for them. =P

The BCA tutor feels so bitchy one. Her facial expression looks so stony! I hate this sort of tutors. No fun at all. *Sians* Oh yeah... Just like what I did for last semester, I'm going to list out the modules I'm taking this semester and bracket the short-forms. The last 2 on the list will be IS modules.



Very much looking forward to doing BLAW. Have a feeling that its going to be quite interesting. See, I have a wide interest in many many things, and law is one of them. Of course, I wouldn't want to go in depth into studying law, but a little knowledge never hurts right?

Tomorrow lesson ends very early. But too bad I still have tuition. Haha. Sien. My student wants to slot in another lesson. I have to squeeze in another 1.5 hour again. So packed. So funny lah. My students having exam, I have to rush and worry and revise and panic with them. As though I'm taking the exam with them. Haha. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of teaching tuition, because while you're teaching, you end up studying as well. But then from another point of view, I'm also continuing to learn at the same time. And I do find that my E-maths has actually improved. Wow. Haha

Okay lah. I better go back to doing my assignment. If not, my groupmates are gonna get pissed at me for not staying focused. And then QR will nag at me too. Bleahs.



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