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.Thursday, October 25, 2007 ' 12:57 PM Y
I'm getting seriously pissed at the tutors of my school. Its the 3rd of the 2nd week of school and so far, 3 tutorials have been cancelled. 2 yesterday and 1 today. I have no complaints except for the making up part. Like, its not us who didn't turn up okay? WE are the ones who have paying to have our time wasted.

Take yesterday's BLAW tutorial for example. The lesson was supposed to start at 9am. So for me, who stays at the other end of Singapore, I have to wake up at 7 and get ready by about 8am. I didn't sleep the whole night because I was scared I would oversleep again. But when I reached the classroom at exactly 9am, the room was empty. Okay nevermind, I thought. Let's wait for a little while.

Over the next 15 minutes, all my classmates start turning up one by one, but still no sign of the tutor. 45 minutes later, one of the classmates called the office and finally found out that lesson had been cancelled. Just like that. They didn't even have the courtesy to POST the announcement in Mel. We ended sitting like idiots in the classroom, waiting tiredly for a tutor who was not going to turn up at all. Zzz...


Dear fell seriously ill yesterday. His fever was so high that the iced towels I put on his forehead lost their coolness without minutes. I think his temperature must have shot close to 40. Fat pig only know how to worry people. Haha. Around evening I decided to drag him to the private clinic near his house. The doctor was super generous. He took Dear's temperature and asked whether he needed an MC. And guess what? Dear got today and tomorrow off. Means in total he got 3 days MC. Haha. He's feeling alot better now though. His BIG appetitite also come back already. LOL.

Just some advice to QR here: I suppose things aren't going very smoothly in school, that's why you've come up with the notion of quitting school. But please, don't be silly enough to jeopardise your future just because of a bumpy road. If everyone gave up whenever they meet obstacles, there would be no successful people. Come on, do you really want to be a quitter? Why not find out the root of the problem and trying to tackle it? I think you're made of tougher stuff than what you keep portraying, really. You have my support lah. =)

I'm finally getting my pay tomorrow. I'm down to my last 10 bucks already. Haha. Just in time. This month's earning should be quite plentiful. Muahahaha. But I need to save lah. The next two months are going to be pretty rough.
Like I told QR, if everything works out well I can foot around 50% of the total bill at Kbox on my birthday. Because according to my estimation, if we really sing from 2-10pm, its going to work out to about 50 bucks per person. Which idiot would willing pay that freaking amount? Anyway, I'm also at fault for choosing such an expensive place to celebrate lah. Haha.
TA06 is turning out to be pretty estranged from each other. I'm still okay, because out of the 3 cliques, I'm good friends with one and ex-classmates with another. But I'm really hoping we will one day be more united like how TA02 used to be, before everyone started drifting apart. Haha. Up till today, I'm still feeling happy in school. Maybe its because I'm enjoying the business (read busy-ness) of my job, that's why class politics don't really matter to me at the moment.
Alright then~! Off to Tudou again. I'll probably blog again on Sunday, after the Singapore Hits Awards ceremony. Speaking of which, I haven't picked up the tickets!!! Better do it fast or we'll end up missing the show. Haha. So until then, just keep in missing me yea? ^^



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