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.Monday, October 22, 2007 ' 3:30 AM Y
Today's entry might be a little long and VERY random, because I'm in pretty high spirits after talking to SL on Maple. Haha. Weird right? But somehow he sort of ended up counselling me. =.="

I was surprised to know that he has actually dropped by my blog before. o.O. A totally unexpected visitor. Haha.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to keep my birthday simple this year. I don't want to waste any time or effort into planning. What I want to do is just go to Kbox, get a room, and sing from 2pm to 10pm and enjoy the buffet. Anyone who's game enough can join me. If not, I don't mind going alone. I guess I just don't wanna have to do things like go around asking everyone if they're free and co-ordinating everything. For goodness sake. Its my day! I deserve to have things my way completely just for that once. I have the right to be spoiled. Haha.

*Munching on my mom's handmade choco-chipo muffins right now* YUMMY~! Keke. Got special ingredient one. Haha.

The next two weeks are going be SUPER hectic for me. The O levels clash with the primary school exams and I have to juggle my timetable and slot in timings for lessons for my 4 students. Take today for example. I'm talking about today as in Monday, since its past midnight. Its going to one hell of a nightmarish day. I've going to miss my second FFA lecture because I have an appointment at the NSC at 11am, and then I have to rush back to school by 2pm because I simply refuse to miss BMGT tutorial, which ends at 4. AND THEN I have to "chiong" down to Pasir Ris to tutor my new O level student. Haha. This guy last minute look for POA tutor. Like, 2 more week to O levels! Dots...

So if for the next few weeks I'm very stressed up and bad tempered, please understand that I'm just not having enough time to relax. =) But actually I'm happy just at the thought of all the money that will be rolling in soon. I'm close to broke now. Haha. To the extent that I have to ask my mother for money because I really don't have enough to pay for my NSC bill tomorrow. Sorry mommy~!

Okay lah. Got to go off already. Last thing though. Do NOT go and watch Superbad (M18). Its a damn freaking lame movie that has no substance, no content and is basically just a load of shit. Dear and I wasted 19 bucks today.



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