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.Tuesday, October 23, 2007 ' 1:31 AM Y
I just received another shock 30 seconds ago. Haha.

Contrary to what I portray to other people, I'm actually very very proud of my sister, for what she has achieved in her life so far to this date. I was just looking through her resume and I can't but be "wow-ed" by the super long list of work experiences for the past 4 years. Like, I can never achieve that okay? Neither can I accumulate $5k in my CPF account in that amount of time. In fact, I think my CPF is pitifully empty to this date, except for a few hundred bucks from Fish & Co. Haha. Okay. Back to the shocker. HAHA. My sister's G.P.A was so low~! *I can't stop snickering!* I'm not mean okay. Just that I didn't expect it to be so low. Lol. I won't disclose the actual point, but I can say that its below MY standards. So actually its average lah, just that it doesn't meet my standards. ^^

And she also officially changed her name from Jane to Janelle last year on MY birthday. Haha.

I missed my NSC appointment today. Haha. Okay lah. I overslept. Slept until 1pm then wake up. Hyuk hyuk. Which also means I missed FFA lecture without excuse.
Oh by the way, I want to mention something significant that I realised about myself over the past year or so.
Contrary to how nonchalant I normally act about my studies, I've realised that I actually care alot. Not because I'm a nerd or anything, but because I understand the need for the knowledge and information so as to succeed later in life.
I've realised that no matter how mischevious and wild I appeared to be in secondary school, I'm actually still that "guai-kia" who will religiously attend every lecture and tutorial punctually no matter how reluctant I am.
So at the end of the day, no matter how I've tried to stand out and be different, I'm actually just a very boring person. Haha. But being boring has its perks. At least I know that I have great ideas that may one day come true. *Gasp* I'm starting to know myself better!
I met another super nice cab driver today. Haha. That kind of fatherly figure kind. Get what I mean? And we were talking about studies and stuff all the way from Clementi down to Pasir Ris. He said I'm very smart~! Haha. Because I choose to major in Accountancy, which is an area of study that will benefit me very much in future, because jobs are aplenty and more stable. And also because ACCA is very very much cheaper than a university degree and the 2 are of equal status. Lol. Quite true isn't it? Its been a long time since someone heaped praise on me and its kind of nice, although it came from a stranger. Haha. Still, it did pretty make my day, since I was already in a huge rush and getting all stressed up about not being late for lesson. =D
I'm going to stop blogging here. But I really do have one word of advice for someone. I can't say who he/she is though.
Please start learning to treasure the people around you. I know you're a very stubborn character and you think that as long as you appear to be tough and strong, everything will be fine, but things don't work that way. Stop pretending to be such a tyrant because that is not who you are. Stop taking the things you have and the people around you for granted, because if not, you will be bound to lose them one day. Its time you woke up to your faults and start doing something about the major ones instead of just sitting there and pretend that you're too cool to care.
P.S Did I mention that I'm going to save up to buy the LG Prada phone? Determination is the keyword. This is going to be my goal for a new handphone from now on until a better model that interests me pops up. Maybe a Sony Ericsson Burberry or a Nokia Chanel? You never know. Haha.



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