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.Monday, October 29, 2007 ' 1:42 AM Y
Another long post today. Feeling a little "emo" right now. Haha. SoRrY~

First up, let's talk about the Singapore Hit Awards 2007. It was a huge freaking disappointment lah. BC can testify to that. The celebrities who turned up were SO FEW. There was Angela Chang, Farenheit, 方大同, 庭竹, Tank, Evan Yo,
李吉汉, Chen Weilian, and Shi Xin Hui. Stephanie Sun was there too, but late. Haha. That's ALL. And throughout the night, most of the awards went to these people. The only 2 parties who managed to bag any award without being present were S.H.E and Jay Chou. Oh. And JJ Lin. The rest almost didn't exist.

And of course, there being so few celebs present, all the performances were by them. I don't know lah. It feels a little pathetic that, here you are holding an awards ceremony but the celebs who turn up number so pitifully. The nominees for the different awards were also that limited. You see the same faces over and over again. Sien lor.

As for the FANS. Oh my freaking god. I know its important to have all those screaming idiots in the place, but seriously, someone should BAN the bloody signboards. You can scream all you want, but please, DITCH THE STUPID CARDBOARD NAMES CAN ANOT. 1st, to be honest, they are not all that BEE-YOU-TEE-FOOL (pronounce beautiful), neither are they that impressive. 2nd, they are a HUGE annoyance to fellow Singaporeans who have paid the SAME amount of money that YOU have paid to watch the whole ceremony. Thank you very much, but I DO NOT appreciate having a squarish piece of SHIT blocking my view for 80% of the whole show.

I have nothing against showing your support, love, or whatever shit for your favourite idols, because undoubtedly, I am an absolute idiot when it comes to MY idols too. But tolong tolong lah, spare a thought for other people okay? The Farenheit fans were the weirdest. Whenever both Farenheit and S.H.E happen to be in the running for the same award, the fans would be screaming "FARENHEIT!!!!!!!!!!!" like screaming for their ah gong like that. But then too bad. S.H.E gets the award and ALSO they scream as though they've won $1 million. A little boy sitting in front of me even commented "They not Farenheit fans meh?" LOL.

There were these 2 girls sitting behind Dear and I, who were screaming for Farenheit throughout the WHOLE ceremony. And towards the 3rd quarter of the show, I think they were going hoarse or something, because instead of screaming, they started whimpering instead. Nabeh. The 4 hotties cannot hear them, but WE have to suffer and listen to their pathetic mewing. Lord help me.

Overall, the whole ceremony wasn't really that entertaining at all. I mean, unless you're one of the crazy fans, you probably feel bored, especially towards the end. Haha. Oh yea, and I want to mention. There was this part where they invited
苏永康 to sing on stage (oh yea, forgot to mention he was one of the guests as well), but I misheard it as 苏有朋. Haha. See? I have my idiotic moments too. So for one moment I was happily surprised but when 苏永康 came out, I was like, ''Chey..." Haha. So bad right?

Okay lah. Enough about the music awards. Basically it wasn't as entertaining as I expected lah. Movin' on... Haha.

I don't understand what is it with me that I continue to get so bothered about stuff that should not be of my concern. Its not my business, but I just don't why some people get all the great thing in life, such as affection, love, care and concern from just about anyone and everyone around them but still can't treasure that gift. I'm jealous, really, because its what I always seem to be lacking in. Its what I've never been able to do: to let most people around me treat me as more than just "someone-they-know". Maybe because I don't know how to butter up to them, but I'd like to comfort myself by believeing that these people just aren't worth my flattery.

Its not a case of sour grapes, but the parties directly concerned just aren't of that much importance to me. But the main point is that BOND. That affection and generous friendship that i hunger and crave for. Desperate, you call me. But no. Its just a trait of mine. To want to be able to bask in the love of many many friends. That's not wrong.

Don't ask me to act cute hor. Once in a while, to make people laugh, FINE. But to constantly pretend to be a sugarpie, *pukes*. I think the people around me will puke too. Haha. I'm not cut out for that.

All this emo-ness is making me sick. Urgh.

Finances aren't working out well!!! Shit it. But I'm still sticking firmly to my claim that I will treat the people who turn up in the afternoon for Kbox on my birthday. Its the only way I know, that will make people turn up. Hyuk hyuk. Pathetic. But don't worry lah. I'm sincere in treating. I swear. ^^

Actually had lots of other stuff to blog about. But I don't know how to put them into words without sounding like an attention-seeker. I've already said enough. Time to stop for today.



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