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.Friday, October 12, 2007 ' 12:27 PM Y
Finally finished watching Love at Aegean Sea (情定爱琴海) yesterday. I was quite surprised by the ending. For once, its not the kind of standardised Taiwan idol drama script, whereby the female and male lead live happily ever after, or like in Korean dramas where either one of them will die or contract some terminal disease or whatever crap. There is a kind of mix (shan't say much, since I know you guys probably aren't that interested anyway) between the Taiwanese kind of script and the Korean kind. And yea... I did cry at the ending lah. Lol. I always do when I watch TV serials or idol dramas. Stupid hor? But seriously, this is the first time I cry SO much at one stupid ending leh. Haha. Maybe also because I was too tired and still unwilling to go to sleep. Rofl.


SQ's gone and created a new blog for himself. I think it was done up by his girlfriend though. Haha. Its pretty new and there're only 2 entries for now. Ironically, the blogskin he's using now happens to be one that caught my eye while I was looking through the Blogskins website a few months ago. Lucky I didn't use that. Erm. No ill meaning okay? Please don't misinterpret my meanings and think that I'm trying to start another quarrel again. *Rolls eyes* Anyways, its good to see that he's finally "woken up" and stopped being no freaking negative all the time. I can't say much lah, since now we're like total strangers and all, but from the way he's writing and all, I can see that he's changed pretty much. Looks like this girlfriend of his is doing some good for him. Bless them. I've relinked him at the sidebar but if you like, you can still go to his old blog. He's posted his new link in HUGE FONTS over there. Haha.

I need to start ditching my nocturnal habits. I'm so active at night now that I think I'm almost turning into an owl. Just kidding. But seriously, I can't remember when was the last time I slept before 4am in the morning. Over the past few weeks, I've been sleeping at around 4 or 5 am and waking up at 1pm or so, except on days when I have stuff to do in the morning, such as tuition or meeting up with friends. MJ will probably say that its no biggie; he's been doing that for the past 3 or 4 years. But then its not supposed to be good for health isn't it? Actually, I'm only so worried because school is starting soon and I don't wanna be dozing off during lectures and tutorials anymore. Got quite a shock last semester by my super lousy results, so I'm really hoping to pay more attention and do better this coming semester.
Its funny how I've suddenly taken such a keen interest in my grades, since I never bothered about them in primary or secondary school. Except until O levels. Haha. I didn't study for PSLE, and throughout secondary school, I was always failing either this or that. F9s for core subjects such as Science, Maths and Humanities. Pro hor? Haha. Started getting scared only when I realised I had one month left to O level. Went to Mrs Lim everyday for Maths coaching. Why? Because I could just imagine what my mom would do to me if I didn't manage even to get into poly: "If you fail you O level, don't even come home arh! I won't let you go ITE one hor! Might as well don't study lah! Go work lah! Don't waste my precious money!" *I am not biased again ITE students. (Except those siao one who don't study and only make trouble for others)*
Looking forward to kBox on Tuesday. Hope it isn't cancelled.
I've made up my mind to be more frugal with my money. Won't be spending on unnecessary things anymore, except for a few treats every now and then. Laptop instalments are wearing me down, and concession doesn't come cheap. I hope they implement that shuttle bus plan from Tampines to NP. Please luh... Call me so early in the morning to ask me whether I'm in favour (of course in favour lah), then don't implement. How can? 2 years and 8 months more to go before I'm clear of debt. Dammit.



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