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.Monday, October 15, 2007 ' 2:09 AM Y
School starts today (its after 12mn). I'm actually looking forward to working hard this semester. Lectures and tutorials and workshops don't seem as dreadful as they seemed to be last sem. After this week things are going to start to accelerate again. When lessons start going on in full swing, I doubt I'll much time to enjoy myself outside of school anymore.

This semester, the school purposely designed the timetable in such a way that no matter which timetable you choose, your last lesson ends at around 4 or 5pm everyday. And to add on, I still have to give tuition lessons, which can now only be scheduled either on weekends or weekday nights. Not much time left to myself except the weekends already. Haha. Surprisingly though, I don't really mind that much.

In fact, I'm dreading the point of time when O levels end, because there goes another student, another source of income.

Sounds cruel right? As though I only treat my students as a some sort of money-making machines. But that life for you what. No matter how much you claim to enjoy your job, the money factor still plays a huge part. Don't talk about now, when most of us still think we're too young to think about money. How many people will actually to work for free just because they enjoy that job? Or rather, how many can afford to do that?

Oops. Sorry. Haha. I can't seem to help preaching about these sort of things every now and then. Heh. Sorry lor. That's all I can say. =P

Anyways, back to the original topic, once that other student of mine completes her O levels, I'm going to earning $220 lesser every month. And at this kind of time where everyone is taking a break from end-year exams, it isn't very likely for me to get a new student. Looks like I'll be eating grass for the next few month. Bleah.


I've decided that from now on I'm going to be more "bitchy" on my own blog. Not like Xiaxue lah, but just stop thinking about being sensitive to other people's feelings, or giving explanations about things I say which offend people. Thick-skinned abit. Haha.

Out of an utter lack of things to do, I decided to draw up a wishlist of gifts I would like to receive for my birthday this year. Very big hint already hor. But we'll leave that to the next entry because I'm rushing off to do something else. Um... still trying to decide whether I should continue watching 天龙八部 on my lappy or go finish up abit of reading. Hmmm...



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