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.Saturday, November 10, 2007 ' 1:05 AM Y
I'm finally 17~!!! Now to start the countdown to 18. Keke. Free access to alcohol and no more sneaking into cinemas to watch M18 movies. Muahahaha.

I'm freaking happy because people whom I didn't expect to wish me Happy Birthday are actually the first few. The most kiasu guy has got to be Gabriel (Gabrylo). And it was his birthday wish that touched me the most. It was nothing but just a simple "Hey, just in case I don't see you tomorrow, I'll just wish you Happy Birthday first".

Why touching? Because here is a friend whom I've never met in real life before. We don't know each other all that well, neither do we contact each other outside of MSN and blog tagboards. And he was the FIRST to greet me. The funny thing is that he actually went to tell Cindy that today's my birthday. I got a huge shock yesterday when I joined Cindy's class in the morning for MAEC tutorial and she suddenly turned back and said, "Eh, tomorrow's your birthday ah?" I was like, "How you know???" But anyway, the whole main point is, THANK YOU VERY MUCH GABBIE!!! You really made my day. ^.^

And also a huge thank-you to Jacklyn and Evelyn for the birthday wishes. Keke. We're only classmates, and not really that close yet (well except Evelyn? Haha.), but they were so sincere in their greetings lah! Thank you thank you. Haha. Don't know what else to say already, except that I'm really really really sorry (x100) that I can't join you guys for project at Causeway Point. I promise to do my part as well as I possibly can, okay? =)

And with that I'd like to thank these 3 very kind and nice people for making the start of my birthday so very very happy. Oh, and also thanks to QR and the usual gang for organising the Kbox "party" for me. I'll make sure I enjoy myself alot alot so that I don't waste your efforts. I'm going to sleep already. Meeting Dear in the morning. Will try to remember to take pictures during Kbox and post them up asap. ^^

P.S. Yesterday's entry was a little emo. I guess the lack of sleep got to me and made my brain fuzzy. Lol. But I'm impressed that even in such a state, my brain could still come up with that rainbow theory. LOL. Seems like I should sleep lesser, then my brain can churn out more of these theories. Haha.



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