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.Wednesday, November 07, 2007 ' 11:01 PM Y
Nice comments. I never said I wouldn't rebutt. So here goes.

Are your DUMB?

-[wat u wan me to do? just tell me.. btw.. i treat every ppl diff.. i may treat u like this but toanother ppl another way... if u really nt happy.. i nth to say..]-

I'm asking you to treat your friends as FRIENDS. Its not just one incident. Its not just me. I'm not asking you to treat everyone the same, because everyone is biased. But surely, basic friendship behaviour is NOT too much to ask from you. Or is it?

Of course I'm not happy about being treated this way. Who would? I'm not being respected as a friend. As YOUR friend. I may not worship you like royalty, but at least I know not to piss you off unreasonably. So what if you're in a bad mood? Is THAT reason enough to snap at others? Then I can also say I was in a bad mood, that's why I've said all this. Excuses.

-[if u so unhappy of how i have become.. dan that too bad... dun ask me to change... coz if i change i will onli be the perfect person in ur eyes... nt other ppl.. if i change.. i am changing to ur need]-

I'm NOT asking you to change to suit my needs. I'm asking you to change your attitude TOWARDS ME. Because no matter what, we will still be meeting somehow, and I don't see the need for ME to put up with YOUR attitude. Geddit? I don't want you to be perfect in my eyes. That would be way TOO disgusting and anyway, you're never going to achieve perfect status. Even God isn't perfect.

-[and expectation... nt my own expectation of myself... i ask u to change u also dun change.. so dun ask me to change even i change for the worst..]-

You don't have to change just because I asked you to change. I just need you to CONTROL your attitude. How you treat others and offend others is not MY problem. See? I'm being selfish here. So what? I don't appreciate being pissed off everytime I happen to be out with you. *Rolls eyes*

-[ like i gave u lots of advise and feedback.. abt changing u to a beta person? u ever change? no.. ask u dun be so stunborn u change? no... ask u to dun do no brain stuff u listen? no...]-

Stubborness is a trait that is inborn. Try asking QR or SQ not to be so stubborn. Come on. Even you yourself are stubborn. Eh? No brain stuff like what? If you're referring to cutting myself, let me assure you that THAT is HISTORY. You know? The past? Like, 2 years ago? I'm interested to know what other no-brainers you are referring to. =)

-[so dun kao bei me.. for who i am... maybe on that nite i wasn't in a gd mood.. due to the waiting... so i wasn't in the mood to do alot of stuff... i may shoot ppl.. but at least i am saying the fact]-

For the final time I'm not picking on you for who you are. I can understand perfectly well that everyone has flaws. Sometimes the 'facts' have got NOTHING to do with you. If you're that righteous, go be a policeman. Or find a profession that will allow you to MEDDLE with other people's affairs as much as you want. Afterall, that's what you do best: Poke your nose into things which do not need YOUR concern. Ouch? Heh.

-[in a sacarstic way... if u can't take it.. shut me up.. i wun say...]-

God only knows how many times I've tried to shut you up. That's all I have to say.

A few hours later...

I blogged all that during LMS lesson. Haha. And of all ironies, we were having a lesson on Anger Management. So the recent "update" is this:

-[oh ya.. just to add on... ever wonder y ppl treat u the way dey r? eva tink of it? all stuff that happened, happen for a reason nt becoz of no brain stuff and it happen. rmb u use to tell me.. reflect wat i did when u r angry? my turn to tell u.. reflect wat u did and y u get this kind of treatment... all happen for a reason.. and time for u to realise that..nt wait for us to tell u.. btw.. dun tink u freaking mature.. coz u r nt. if u r.. that wat u tink. i can onli say u grow up.. but nt mature yet to say other ppl childish and u urself a mature gal. noe wat to do and tink wat u do is mature... to many.. that is childish. i wun say i am a mature man.. coz i am nt.. but i am mature enough to tell u that is childish.. i mayb childish wif wat i do.. but u nv noe wat i am tinking.. telling ppl off saying ppl childish and saying u mature? dun happen that way. a person is mature or nt is ppl say de nt u say u r.. and get a life la. use blog to kao bei ppl.. go to that person tell him la. hide behind a blog. yak all the way.. gtg work le bb.. shall read ur tagboard when i get bak]-

Um. I just copied and pasted the whole chunk because I don't have the time.

There are just some main points I'd like to highlight, colour-coded into 3 different colours. Meaning 3 different points lah. Lol.

Purple: I could very clearly tell you what I was unhappy with. I could very honestly state my unhappiness with YOU. Can you please do the same instead of generalising with the word "stuff"? What "stuff"? Drug addicts refer to their "stocks" as "stuff" too you know?

Yellow: Eh... In which part of my entries have I ever said that I'm mature? Please enlighten me, in which SPECIFIC entry have I ever used the word "mature" to describe me. I thank you for repeating my words. I merely said I changed, and yes, I've grown up. Why are you using what I've said to REBUTT me?

You yourself admit that you're childish in your actions, when I didn't even use that word to describe you. Hah. Guilty conscience? Besides, haven't you ever heard of the saying that people JUDGE you based on your ACTIONS? No one is that free to sit down and keep thinking, "I wonder what he is thinking." I repeat. I've NEVER said I was mature. In fact, if you like to know, I'm childish and naive too. In my thinking, in my actions too. That I've never tried to deny.

Pink: Um. Do I really seem to be hiding behind my blog? Well. So sorry. This blog just happens to be the venue where I vent all my frustrations and happiness on. You got a problem with that? I didn't do anything to block anyone from reading. I'm keeping this blog open to EVERYONE. IF I were truly hiding, I wouldn't have specially dedicated the entry to your name. I know TOO well the reactions I'm going to get.

IF you deem THIS as hiding, then how many other bloggers are also hiding, eh? Besides, aren't you also hiding behind MY tagboard to rebutt back at me? Isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Freedom of speech comes at a price. And now the right to express your emotions is a crime. So sue me.


I posted my very first LMS blog post today. Can't wait to see Ms Sen's comments. Haha. I revealed quite alot about me, something I've never done to an adult before. I think I went a little out of point though. Haha. Hopefully, its not as thrashy as I think it is.

Oh yea, before you're wondering why I can still happily blog about school stuff, its because I'm not really angry (anymore). The second part of the rebuttal was actually done in a lazy mood. I'm 3 days away from being 17, in the hopes of getting a CLSF scholarship, and I might even have a part time job. I don't have time to remain angry.

I know you guys are probably pissed, thinking I'm childish and stupid and rash and everything lousy for starting this sort of a quarrel. But I'd like to reinstate that my original intention was not to start a quarrel, but rather, to just express my unhappiness about how I'm being treated by someone I consider a friend. If you think that is so very wrong, I give you my sincere apologies.

I can promise that I won't rebutt anymore. Like in my reply to Ben, there's this coverage in BLAW that says that the plaintiff will serve the papers, the defender will well, defend, and then the plaintiff replies and that is it. The rest will be left for the official hearing.

Haha. So in this case I'm supposedly the plaintiff, so I won't be rebutting anymore. Swear on my life. And even though the "defender" is supposed to shut up, I'm guessing that he won't be able to control his mouth (or rather, fingers) so let's just scrap that.

For some reason, I'm feeling really happy today. I don't know why. And oh by the way, I'm getting a manicure over the weekend. Keke. My birthday present from Dear. ^^ And I'm getting a new bag from him too. Haven't chosen the one I want though. Haha.

Okay lah. This entry is getting way too long. I'm off to Maple. Maybe I'll blog again in the mid-morning period, since I'll be staying up to do my BCA assignment. Tata for now~!



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