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.Tuesday, November 27, 2007 ' 2:33 PM Y
So much time but nothing to do and nowhere to go. Sighs. That's the bad thing about studying so far away, I guess. People just can't be bothered to care about whether you feel bored or not. Because that long distance is more important than anything. Urgh! I'm being consumed by boredom!!!

FFA tutorial today was cancelled. Time flies so damn fast lah. Two more weeks and Common Test is here. And I've been slacking for the whole term so far! Even more than last semester. Haha. Have to seriously start mugging for tests, even though weightage is only 20% and questions are mostly MCQs and fill-in-the-blanks kind. Haha.

Decided to stay back in school for the IS briefing later, since I've got nothing better to do anyway. But that also means that I have to rot off 3 hours of my life in front on the PC in the library because I didn't bring my laptop to school today. URGH. And the keyboard here sucks. The keys are placed so close together that I can't type comfortably!!!

Thinking of getting a new laptop next year during the Laptop Fair held in school. My sister's laptop is seriously breaking down soon and Dear's PC still isn't up yet. Anyway, I've long since regretted buying the Acer. Intend to pay off my "debt" of about 2k by next year June, instead of three years later. Haha. I know people are probably gonna spit at me for wasting money again, but seriously, my laptop is my life! So when there is nothing unsatisfactory in my life, I will do all I can to change it for the better. Heh heh. Might also consider getting a better router for my home. The current one I'm using keeps losing signals every now and then.

Oops. Seems like I'm counting my pennies before they're earned again. Hee...

Read SL's blog and saw all this hesitation. Haha. How come so many problems seem to generate from the same source?

Today I confided in Celeste about many many things, and she gave me some really sound advice: When you've done all you can to help and care for someone, but that person still does not appreciate your efforts and deliberately tries to hurt you and others, its probably time to carry on with your journey down life's road instead of stopping at the same spot forever.

In a sense, I guess that's really true. I used to have a very caring sister, but over the years as we both changed, some part of her got too used to being sheltered and spoilt by the people around her. She told me to just let her be the bitch she is, but underneath, we all know she's not. I don't know what else I can do to find that sister back, but I can safely say that if this stranger she's turned into continues to hide behind that bitchy identity, the day she tries to emerge from the shell will be the day that she really no longer knows who she is.

It is still not too late to face reality and do something about the mess of her life. For a start, she could stop looking at criticisms as a form of rejection. She could stop rejecting everyone just because she's afraid of being hurt. She could stop being stubborn and stop enclosing herself in her own shell, hiding behind a FALSE and negative identity and hurting people around her. Or maybe its just me.

Alright alright. This is my last time talking about this. I know she will probably think I'm being meddlesome. But seriously, would someone who didn't care try to say so much just to salvage the leftover ruins of a relationship?

Drag... This is turning out to be a longer entry than I expected. Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting quite a few places during the 2-week holiday in December. 1st would be the MINT museum of toys at Seah Street. I've got a 1-for-1 ticket coupon so anyone who's interested to go can go with me if you like. =)

There's also that SPI thingy, but I don't think anyone else other than me would be interested, so I'm not going to bother asking. Haha.

And then there's the zoo and the Night Safari to visit, as well as the chalet I intend to book for next year. And not to mention the coin factory thingy as well.

Haha. I know all these involve money, but don't worry I know my limits now. Haha. Although it doesn't seem so, but over the past year, I've actually learnt to manage my money very much better than the past. I admit I still waste abit here and there, but at least after i indulge myself, I am still able to support my basic needs. And I've already made plans to really save up next year, so no worries. Haha.

Okay lah. Going off to watch some video clips and do abit of reading. Ta-ta.



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