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.Saturday, November 24, 2007 ' 11:57 PM Y
I got my nails manicured today!!! Haha. $12, at the Good Earth Nail Bar at Tampines Mall. I chose a metalic purplish-pink colour and had a bit on nail art painted onto 2 nails as well. Haha.

The service was quite good, considering that I had chosen the cheapest package. Lol. And I was quite troublesome about the choosing of colours. Haha. Initially I wanted to get a solid purple colour, but when I saw how it turned out on the sample they showed me, it was too dark for my taste. So in the end, the manicurist very helpfully suggested a mix of metalic pink and light-blue polish and ta-dah!!! A very very nice shade of purple indeed. Muahahaha.

Felt super restless today. Because I had to wake up at a freakish hour of 8am. Imagine not being able to sleep in on a Saturday. URGH. And worse of all, after passing Dear something, I had nothing to do and no place to go because he happily went off to play soccer and I had to wait until my appointment at 3. So I literally rotted my arse off at Tampines Mall.

Dawdled over breakfast, which took 1 hour and then roamed around the mall aimlessly before going to do my nails. The whole time I was feeling super sleepy and ready to doze off anytime. *I didn't go home because I couldn't stand my mom's constant nagging. I swear that woman must have attended nagging classes at some point of time in her life man... She can nag for hours on end and not be tired of repeating the same things over and over again. ARGH.*

Anyways, I took a very long long long route via bus to Sengkang and although I still reached early, there were no customers so I didn't have to wait until 3. Haha. After that, I headed to Yishun.

I tried helping Ben and Van to train their Gods of Time character, but I kept dozing off while waiting for the battle screen to finish loading. After less than half an hour I decided to take a nap anyway. Haha.

And so that's the end of a very boring Saturday. And I'm still feeling very restless. I'm just someone who can't stand having nothing to do and spending even just one day like this makes me very short-tempered and restless. Haha.

Looking forward to tomorrow though. Going window-shopping!!! Haha. I know lah... Can see cannot buy. Its supposed to be torturous, but I enjoy it. Because its the only way I don't end up overspending. Keke. Going to watch TV now. Nighties~!



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