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.Thursday, November 22, 2007 ' 5:19 AM Y
Stayed up the whole night again. I'm going to look like a walking zombie during BCA tomorrow. Lucky I don't have to attend BLAW lecture, so I can go home at 1. Wondering where to go. Ben said he and Van have got an interview to go to, so most probably I will be spending the day alone, since Dear's got duty. Haha. Signed up for Free Laughs 3 but don't think I'll be going. Firstly because it seems silly to watch the movie alone with other people I don't know, and secondly, it it even sillier to have to rot in school for 4 and a half hours just to catch a comedy. I think most likely I'll be coming home to sleep. Haha. On second thoughts, I'm so tempted to just skip school tomorrow!!! Sighs...

I didn't know signing up for the PAssion card could get one so many perks. My mom and sister signed up and they each got a mailer with very nice special offers just for members only. Not that I'm a cheapskate or what, but you don't get free spa packages everyday ok? And trust me, the perks are not just those stupid cheap $2 off a bread or something. There's a 1-for-1 ticket to the MINT factory (I'm going to drag Dear there with me), a nice chalet at super cheap rates and many many others. Haha. I was SO tempted that I almost asked my sister to sign up for the card for me. Just to get all those perks! I know I know... I'm becoming such an auntie. =P

Anyway, the deal for my new student fell through, but I'm looking on the bright side. This is the season where parents start looking fervently for tutors and I'm sure I'll be able to get a few more new students.

Dear's camp has this new boss who might be asking them all to stay in during weekdays. Super uber SIANZ if Dear really has to stay in. Haha. What would I do? Work, I think. Maybe then I can even teach tuition and part-time at Fish & Co. Don't ask me why I'm suddenly turning into a workaholic. I'm just feeling restless. I miss rushing here and there just to be on time for work; I miss the feeling of satisfaction when I am paid for my efforts; I miss looking into my wallet and knowing I've earned all that money through hard work.

And I want to save up. I recently started becoming really crazy about saving money. Because I can't save up very much now, I'm starting with coins and $2 notes. At the end of every day, I empty the coins and the $2 notes in my coin pouch into my piggy bank and my former wallet. In fact, I even made Dear invest in this huge "My First Piggy" for me to slot my coins in. Haha. Its getting heavier and heavier everyday! At last count there was about $60 in it. Heh heh.

Wondering why I keep talking about saving up, about earning money and all? That's because there are so many things I want to do that need funds. Like setting up my own shop. Like investing in different banks and perhaps one day, invest in property. I want to save so that if there are suddenly anymore dry periods like this one whereby I don't have any form of income, I can still get by with life comfortably. Okay lah. Enough about that.

I don't think I'll be able to concentrate during lesson later. I think what I'll do is to just pack my bag and then sit at the table and nap a little before Dear wakes me up.

This post was basically crap talk because my brain isn't focusing due to the lack of sleep. Looking forward to 1pm. Haha. Good morning!



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