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.Friday, December 14, 2007 ' 12:03 PM Y
My freaking laptop has crashed I think. The desktop simply won't start up. Heh. Perfect excuse for getting a new one. Haha. Just that I'm broke now. Which means next term I'm going to be lugging this super heavy Acer to school. Tempted to NOT bring laptop to school anymore, but BCA is computer-based. No laptop, might as well not take the lesson. Grrr...

Tuition officially starts next monday. Will probably be visiting the BookFest over the weekend. Lately I've been obsessing with a few things; Organisers, handphones, my business plans and starting my own library. I'm regretting the design and layout of my room; I've redrawn better plans and dreamt of better designs, but my parents are just going to nag and say that no, they are not going to the expense of tearing down the lovely, still-very-new furniture just because my tastes have changed. Bleahs.

I'm picking up writing again. Got a few ideas for stories up my sleeve. Of course, they probably won't ever amount to anything but ideas, but at least there's a chance of completion if I started. Sadly though, I lost my manuscript for my first ever story. The plot and everything's still in my mind, but it just feels different.

I spent the whole freaking day staying at home yesterday. Home as in my own house, not Dear's. Slept in through the day and finally woke up at 3pm, after constant nagging from my mom and after lunch-cum-dinner, I stayed in bed reading until evening. Super relaxing. Except of course, the nagging that never ceases. But then again, the world's not perfect. You can't everything the way you want it. What else could I do except plug my ears? Haha.

Went for abit of jogging downstairs at the park at night. Damn, the exercise stations are so freaking muddy, its like stepping into a pit of shit. Yuck! Got tired faster than the previous time yesterday; don't know why, just felt super breathless and a little giddy. Nehs.

I'm so sleepy now... I stayed up through night to read and only reluctantly went to bed at 6am because my dad came home and I'd surely get it from him if he saw that my bedroom light was still on. Phew.

Xmas this year is going to be just a simple and quiet affair. No celebrations or anything. Just dinner and a movie with Dear. Haha. Just nice I Am Legend opens on Christmas Day. If its available, we might just go watch Gold Class at Vivo just to enjoy that luxury. But a little expensive though. Would you splurge 60 bucks on a movie, no matter how good it is, when you can watch it for 6 times lesser the price at a normal cinema? Haha.

By the way, I saw on the news the other day, that to commemorate the 70th anniversary, there's going to be this Chinese film called Nanking, nanking (or something) that's going to be pretty major. Oo... Can't wait. Haha.

Looking back, I guess what I did that day was certainly the right thing. Nevermind that it tore out my flesh or rendered me deserted, at least now they didn't have to choose sides anymore. Its easier when you don't have to think of too many people isn't it? And ironically, what they wished for me did not happen. In fact, the exact opposite happens. Just goes to show-its bad enough if wishes don't come true. Its doomsday when the opposite of what you wish for comes true. Urgh. No more on that. Off to finish my reading. I'm still super sleepy though... =(

Watching Alvin and The Chipmunks later. Watch out for my review~!



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