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.Friday, December 07, 2007 ' 1:38 AM Y
I'm so broke that I had to literally slaughter my piggy and empty it of ALL its contents. Which amounted to a meagre 100 bucks that has to last me until 27th of December. How pathetic is that? Urgh.

It is super annoying to be broke at the end of the year, because its the christmas shopping season and all the shops are pulling out all their stops to come up with products and stuff to tempt you till you go crazy. By the time my pockets are full again, all those great bargains are gone. And I'll have to wait another 6 months or so for the Great Singapore Sale. Dammit! (P.S. The new Dior necklace featured in one of the advertisement newsletters I received totally rocks!)

Apparently the most recent "news" in the blogosphere is about this "siao" guy who calls himself a pro-blogger and goes around asking people to provide sponsors for his wedding with another pro-blogger. They're so "pro" that their identities have be to protected and cannot be revealed.

Crap, even if you didn't ask me. Just because you get that extra few more hits on your blog does not mean you're a professional. Besides, since when did professionals degrade themselves to demanding others for favours? Shameless. What is the world coming to? Next we'll have celebrities forcing their fans to support them. Crap.

Don't ask me why I'm so worked up over something that isn't even of my concern. I just can't understand how come some people can so shamelessly do things like that and still act as though they're one step higher than others. To me, they're even worse than those beggars and buskers out on the streets. At least some of them perform or sell tissue paper or something. *Rolls eyes*

Alright. That felt immensely better. The constant stream of rain the past few days have been SUPER irritating. Especially when I'm wearing slippers. Because somehow, the dirty water on the floor just keeps getting splashed onto my bag, and I keep having to wipe it. Eww~! And its been so cold that I'm bathing with the heater on every night. On any other normal day I usually turn off the heater after awhile because the water gets way too hot that its not good for the skin nor the hair, but for the past week, I start shivering the moment I step out from under the shower.

Oh yea! Before I forget. Just wanna share some reviews on some of the new movies popping up on the huge screens. The 3 newest ones I've watched so far are: The Tattooist(NC16), 30 Days of Night(M18) and The Golden Compass(PG).

The Tattooist is basically some thriller about this American guy who does tattoos for others. The opening scene actually unfolds in Singapore where he supposedly uses his tattoos to try and cure people. Somewhere along the show, he steals this ancient tattooing tool from another tattooist, accidentally cuts himself, and nightmares start to haunt him. Soon after, he goes on to New Zealand I think, and continues tattooing others. But his customers end up dying tragically because some evil spirit is continuing to tattoo all over their whole body until they bleed and die horribly. Have I revealed too much? Haha. The movie is supposed to be scary, but its actually not THAT scary, even though its rated NC16.

30 Days of Night is a digustingly bloody film about vampires. The whole plot is set in Barrow, Alaska, where during the deepest of winter, the entire town experience zero sunshine for a whole 30 days. And this year their town gets attacked by vampires. What's worth watching is that its truly worth its rating of M18. There's alot of blood and the vampires aren't portrayed like those in Buffy and other shows with a few fangs here and there. In this movie, the vampires have whole sets of sharp teeth and the way they eat out their victims are just damn gross. Haha. I became squirmy towards the end of the movie because it was a little too disgusting. Hehs.

And last but not least, I just watched The Golden Compass on Wednesday and its simply fantastic! In case anyone still does not know, the movie was produced by the same company as the one that Lord of the Rings, but the storyline is entirely different; its actually adapted from a trilogy by Philip Pullman.

The story talks about different kinds of humans existing in different worlds and in this particular world, human's souls do not live in their bodies. These souls exists as daemons(pronounced demons) in the form of different animals that stick closely to the humans. These daemons and the humans experience the same emotions and everything. Eg. if the daemon gets hit, the human will feel the pain as well. And vice versa.

Nicole Kidman plays the evil officer and there's Sam Elliot as a hot-air balloon pilot, Eva Green as a beautiful witch and of course, Lyra the main lead, played by Dakota Blue Richards. She's cute in her own way, and her acting is very natural, considering that half the time she has to communicate with computerised characters, such as her daemon and the polar bears(also known as ice bears). The Golden Compass is the first part of the trilogy and it actually leaves the audience craving for more.

If you have the time and are willing to spend, go catch the three movies mentioned above, especially TGC. Definitely worth the money.

I'll be watching Nanking tomorrow at VivoCity because the movie is only screened at Cinema Europa. It is based on the historical tragedy of the invasion of Nanking(capital of China at that time) by the Japanese soldiers during WWII in 1937. The episode is infamously known as "The Rape of Nanking" because the Japanese soldiers raped and massacred many inncocent Chinese. Note: This is a historical fact that is proven and recorded by many historians, and I myself have actually seen the book entitled The Rape of Nanking, even though I have not read it. Till today, many people in Japan refuse to admit to the atrocities committed by the Japanese soldiers during WWII and some even attempt to cover up their mistakes by making all sorts of excuses.

In the movie, a small group of Western expatriates band together to save 250,000 lives. And its true too. I specially read up on the Nanking Massacre from Wikipedia-->

I'm not too sure whether its fictional or not. Haha. But anyway, I'll be watching the movie tomorrow so lookout for my review, which will probably be up by night time or so. Kudos till then~!

P.S. I really never meant for this entry to turn out so long. *Sheepish grin*

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