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.Monday, December 24, 2007 ' 11:07 PM Y
Haven't blogged for quite a few days. Haha. Don't know why, but recently, I've lost almost all my interest in the Internet. As in, while in the past I could spend hours surfing around the Net and not get bored, I can't find anything online that interests me nowadays. Going online becomes like a routine check: blog-hop, check mail, log in MSN to see who's online. After that there's nothing to do. Instead I've started reading like crazy again, devouring book after book like some literature-hungry monster. Weird huh? Haha.

Dined at Pizza Hut at Causeway Point tonight. I just LOVE Hawaiian pizza. Haha. Didn't do very much actually. Just ate and played Time Crisis 2 at the arcade, walked around and then went home. I wanna feast on pizza on New Year's Day!!!

Eh... will be watching I Am Legend tomorrow, so watch out for my review! ^^

Oh yea, before I forget: If you are a pizza lover or just a typical "kiasu" Singaporean, go to
Pizza Hut's website and sign up for their FREE membership. Provide all the correct details about yourself, especially your email, and you get an E-voucher that entitles you to redeem a FREE regular Hawaiian pizza. Please read the Terms and Conditions as well. Basically you have to order one normal pizza set before you can redeem the freebie, and you have to present your IC upon redemption. Oh. And you have to print out the voucher on your own. Haha. No printer=TOO BAD. =P

Its funny how when there are no job offers, things are so darn quiet that it feels as though the whole world is sleeping, but once 1 "lobang" comes in, others also stream in as well. The last week is not only the season for celebrating Christmas and looking forward to the New Year, its also the season for "kiasu" mommies to start looking for tutors for the darling children. And its also the season for us tutors to start having headaches because of all the scheduling to do. If nothing goes wrong, I end up with 5 students. But I'm no so lucky one lah. So I think sure will have some cock-ups. Haha. Still happy though, because finally things are picking up.

Hope they liked the Christmas gifts I got for them. And no, I'm not expecting anything in return. =)

I'm putting too much focus on working. More than is appropriate. To the extent that I think I'm more interested in working than studying. Die.

Okay fine. No more crapping. Good night.



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