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.Sunday, December 16, 2007 ' 3:13 AM Y
You know the saying that "Love is blind"? Well, contrary to what most people think, it does not just refer to the ability to overlook the faults and flaws of the person you love, it also refers to the ability to ignore the messages people are trying to send to you, especially the negative ones.

What does it say when you're desperately trying to hook a guy and he does not respond? What does it mean when you confess your feelings to a girl and she gives you comments that literally make your balls shrink and cause you to have suicidal thoughts? And yet, the love just cannot be cut off.

I've read articles in magazines where men continue to love the women who were responsible for the loss of their manhoods. Does that show the greatness of love, or are these people just plain stupid?

Take a particular acquaintance of mine for example. She's been secretly in love with this guy for years. Alright, maybe not so secretly, since everyone who's got 2 eyes and a brain knows about her crush. At the start they used to text message each other every night, something that all couples do, although the thing is that they're not a couple. After awhile, the guy started to not respond to her messages. She started getting depressed and everything, but of out of a bid to seem more mature and grown-up, she tried telling herself that things were not as bleak as they seem. In short, she was peppering herself with false hopes. What made it worse was that her friends were too cruel to help her face the truth. So they added cherries on all that toppings of pepper.

On the other hand, there was this other guy also madly in love with her, willing to do anything just for her to spare a glance at him. Like her, he did not bother to hide his infatuation and openly declared his love and everything. It was the exact same situation as the one my acquaintance was in, except that it was a HE instead. Apparently she got so bothered by his continual declarations that she went up to him and told him to stop doing that because it pissed her off and gave her pressure. So he tried his best not to show his affections and sealed himself into another world where only his friends knew. But still somehow, she managed to find out and started confronting him again. Stupid right, since she was the one who went to pry into other people's affairs. But apparently, she couldn't see her own stupidity, especially since what she was doing exactly what she told the guy not to do.

So next time when people speak to you of being blinded by love, you know that there's another side of the story. Haha.

I apologise if the above story pricks your memory and causes you to link it with someone you know. The acquaintance of mine is simply an acquaintance of mine, and if you happen to think that its someone you know, well, stop thinking. Because its definitely not who you think it is.

For all you know, I could have been referring to myself, seeing that I've once been stuck in the exact same situation and been just as stupid as well. Luckily, my Prince Charming gave me a kiss and woke me up from my otherwise eternal slumber. But, as we all know, some people never wake up, even when King Charming resorts to using a plunger.

Today, after many months of absence, I finally graced the basketball court with my presence again. Haha. The difference is, I didn't speak a word to anyone except Dear because I didn't see the need to. Afterall, its probably best not to try and start a conversation that would probably turn awkward at the next second. The people there are supposed to belong in my past memories, so I cannot forcibly try to pretend otherwise. The day they're ready to emerge from my past into my present and future would be the day they tell me so. Which, I foresee, is quite impossible.

I was just looking through some of my possessions, including my birthday gifts from this year, and it struck me as to how ironic it was that the words written became the exact opposite of what happened. And just within days of receiving those written words. How "cute". Haha.

Work officially starts on Monday, and N Level results will also be released on Tuesday I think. Good luck to Zhen Xiu, my first and favourite student so far. I know I'm not supposed to have favourites but well, certain things can't be helped. Haha. I really hope she can pass her N Levels well, because that would really boost her self-confidence by ALOT.

Starting to pick up writing again. I've been unconsciously mapping out my story in my mind over the past few days and I like the ideas I have so far. The layout is quite different from all the books I've read so far, except in comics, so maybe its worth developing. Haha. Good Night~!



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