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.Saturday, December 08, 2007 ' 1:19 AM Y
Anyone's been waiting for my updates? Haha.

I'm just going to do the promised review on Nanking and then go study. Common tests are coming in 2 days and I totally have not revised a single thing. I'm so in for it man... Haha.

Anyway, Nanking turned out to be more of a documentary. If anyone has watched Flags of Our Fathers and Letters of Iwo Jima, please be forewarned NOT to expect Nanking to be anything like the above two mentioned movies. If you're the kind who isn't in the least bit interested in history or tend to be easily bored by films that document historical facts, then don't bother spending your ticket money on this movie. By the way, its $10 per ticket regardless of weekday or weekend charges, but the seats are pretty comfortable. Haha.

For Your Info:
The Westerners who helped create the
Nanking Safety Zone were portrayed by other actors and all they did was to pretend they were the actual people and talk about the whole Nanking Massacre. Here and there, photographs and moving pictures(there were no such things as videos at that time), mostly taken by John Magee, and there were also interviews with actual survivors of the Nanking Massacre. There were people who had been Chinese soldiers during the war, rape victims of the Japanese soldiers and others who had lost loved ones during the N.M. There was this guy who reminisced about the time when the Japanese soldiers killed his mother and bayoneted his baby brother right in front of him, and he wept like anything.

The saddest thing is that even after
John Rabe(a Nazi), the person who set up the Nanking Safety Zone, managed to sneak the films out of Nanking into countries like the US where he gave speeches about the atrocities being committed by the Japanese soldiers, no one came forward to stop the Jap nor help the Nanking refugees. There are also other heroes and heroines such as Minnie Vautrin who was a saint to the people, especially the womenfolk. She helped the women to hide from the Japanese soldiers and did her best to prevent them from taking away the women to rape them. Years after the war, she committed suicide.

I probably shouldn't say more. I highly recommend the movie to people who love reading up on historical stuff(like me), because it really gives an insight about the whole Nanking Massacre and its something that you probably won't be able to find in any of your history textbooks. The funny thing was, during about three-quarters of the movie, some Japanese idiot shouted out "Stupid" in Japanese all of a sudden. Must have been one of those Japanese who can't accept reality. And strangely, even after the movie ended and the credits started rolling, there was about 30 seconds where no one moved and everyone just sat staring at the screen. It was as though we had just witnessed something tragic and needed time to let the truth sink in. Even after that, many people still remained in their seats for quite some time.

Note: Please do not take offense or think that I'm anti-Japanese or anything, because I'm really not. Its just that I feel that China doesn't have much reason to doctorate photos like those shown, and there are really solid-hard evidence that the acts of atrocities were indeed carried out by the Japanese soldiers, especially the Magee films.

Alright, I'm just gonna stop here for today, although I liked reviewing. Haha. You can click on the bold, coloured words that are hyperlinked to Wikipedia and read up more if you like.

Its like I'm suddenly addicted to reviewing movies or something. Right now, I've watched practically every movie that are on screens except for the R21 films and some others such as Fred Claus, The Kingdom and Hitman, of which I do not have very much interest. Haha.

Interesting movies that are scheduled to hit the cinemas soon (2007):
Mr Magorium's Emporium (PG, Comedy, English)

Alvin and the Chipmunks (G, Animation, Comedy, English)
The Warlords (G, Action, Mandarin)
Mission Sex Control (G, Comedy, Korean)
National Treasure: The Book Of Secrets (G, Action, English)
I Am Legend (G, Drama, English)
Carriers (G, Drama, English)
Vexille (G, Animation, Japanese)

You can also get more information here.

Oh and last thing before I log off: Please(as much as possible) give me comments on the reviews I've done so far. Thanks in advance. *Off the study*



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