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.Wednesday, December 19, 2007 ' 2:40 AM Y
I've got so so so SO much to blog about today. First, I'd like to wish Zi Xiang a very Happy (belated) 20th Birthday, even though we can hardly be considered friends, but since I know him and I know that's its his birthday, it wouldn't be very polite of me to pretend not to know, right? Haha.

2ndly, I wanna congratulate my student Zhen Xiu for scoring a total of 7 points for her N Levels~! She's done even better than she herself expected. I can imagine how happy she and her mom is. Haha. And yea, she's now eligible to claim that Fish & Co treat I promised her. Keep it up for O Levels! Haha.

My plans for this week got a little screwed because Dear accidentally sprained his ankle while working yesterday, and it got so bad that he had to go to the doctor's today. So now I have to reschedule and squeeze certain plans together in an attempt to get everything done nicely. AND I haven't started studying yet. Pish.

I'll be making a trip down to the BookFest at Suntec City again because this time, I'm loaded with the responsibilty of securing assessment books for 2 of my students. Why travel all the way there? Because its cheaper, DUH. And also because I'm hoping to get my hands on this novel by Jodi Picoult. Its going to be one of my Xmas gifts this year. There are another 2 more to buy so I'm actually rushing against time, what with so much stuff to do.

I know its probably stupid of me to be getting gifts for those 3 selected people, but its just something I like to do, buying things for others. I mean, yea, we may have fallen out, but seriously if you ask me, I don't see the point of being angry and everything. Its just that I don't know what else there is to say between all of us because I don't know what they're thinking. I don't know how to describe this feeling of "peace"; its as though after awhile when all the drama wears off, you look back and feel as though you were watching a really bad movie. Everything is then back to normal, except for one tiny aspect that you can't do anything to change.

I once asked myself (or rather, my imaginary friend once asked me), whether it was wise of me that day to destroy the remaining bond that linked me to the rest of the circle. Of course, there were regrets and everything, but its better than to have others being caught in between such a meaningless debacle, isn't it? And besides, my intuition was telling me that they were way happier to be on the other side of the wall, just that they were too polite to say it.

It just me, I guess. The stubbornness doesn't stick on as firmly as it does on other people. Erm, you can pretend you didn't read a single word of the previous 2 paragraphs if you like. I mean, everyone loves to escape from reality every now and then, right?

I miss Pastamania~! I swear I'm gonna drag Dear to eat the Creamy Chicken some day. And I'll make him say that he loves it. Muahahaha~! I'm feeling a little over-happy today, mainly because of that one piece of good news from my student this afternoon. Oh, did I mention that I spent the entire afternoon curling up under the covers, much to the chagrin of Dear. Keke. Who asked him to wake me up at 6.30am (so damn freaking early can?!! I haven't woken up at that kind of timing in a year!) to tell me that I'd have to abandon my plans for the day to accompany him to the doctor's. Hmph!

I have to wake up early again later because I have to go to school because I couldn't go today because Dear needed me to be his crutch. Neh neh. Rush to school to return and borrow books, then rush to SengKang for Expressions appointment then can go Yishun and rest. Haha. Hmmm... maybe I should postpone my appointment to Friday. The staff there should be making voodoo replicas of me and sticking in all sorts of horrible pins and needles by now. I think I'm the one and only customer who changes appointment dates ALL THE TIME. Keke. Well... I'm a busy person you know. Hehe. =P

Before I go back to watching videos, I just wanna apologise for being crazy enough to blog almost everyday. Its just that there are many many thoughts that play merry-go-round in my mind every single day, and it helps to blog them down so that my brain doesn't burst. I'm serious. But I'll try to control myself and not blog so frequently. Hahas. TRY.

P.S. I miss the muffins and cinnabuns at the Amara Hotel too~! Where are you, Celeste?



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