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.Wednesday, December 05, 2007 ' 12:13 PM Y
Maintaining 1 blog is never an easy task; don't even talk about having 3.

How come there is still no development of the script for LMS project? I thought we already delegated the different scenes to each other?

When will BMGT come to an end? Surprisingly, I actually enjoy doing all that research because I know that it will one day benefit my own business. Haha.

What happened to the interviews and surveys for IAC? I don't wanna repeat the module next year. I hate that project the MOST of all.

What are we supposed to do for BLAW again? And when's FFA due again?

I can't wait for the February holidays to arrive. That's when all this stress will finally end. Ironically though, I'm not actually overworking, just overworrying about deadlines and submissions and what-nots.

I keep brooding over something I shouldn't and I'm indecisive about whether to disclose that certain something. Lets just keep it under wraps for now.

Just finished ranking my IS module preferences. Dammit, because I wanna take all 4 modules. Please, oh please, remind me to sign up for the language Enhancement programme next year. I'm willing to give up 2 precious hours a week just to learn a new language. Only I haven't actually decided between French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Sometimes I really wonder why life has so many choices. Not that I'm complaining. But in some situations, the overwhelming number of choices causes too much indecisions and indirectly, regrets.

Compiling a few lists for the year of 2008, namely my Goals and Targets, overall Shopping List, and some other stupid stuff. Haha. I also discovered that I've recently developed a fetish for planners, although why, I seriously don't know. Afterall, the maximum I can use will be 2. One for my own personal life, and one for work.

And I also realised that my resume seems pathetically empty and dry. I need to get more substantial work experience like banks and such. That's why I've also decided to go work in a bank or something during the next 2 month break.

How can one possibly handle so much? Yet I'm anticipating my workload with glee. If only I could treat my studies with such fervour, My God... I'd probably be one of the top scholars. Sadly though, I don't apply that much interest.

My horoscope says that 2008 will be a career year for me, and that I'll be focusing alot on my work. Seemingly accurate, even though I don't have a real career. And its also true that I'm rushing to earn money for the sake of having money rather than for promotions or any other benefits. Haha. I just hope my studies don't suffer too much.

Alright and that's the amount of brain crap I managed to generate today. A surprisingly large amount in a short period of about twenty minutes, and knowing that no one's gonna read it. Oh well. Lesson starts super late (at 3pm) tomorrow, so I'm off to indulge in my favourite pasttime of curling up under the covers with a good book. Might even find it in me to get up and do abit of studying later. Haha. Good night!



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