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.Tuesday, January 22, 2008 ' 9:50 AM Y
The peer appraisal thingy yesterday was... okay luh. A complete waste of my time. I mean, I had to stand outside the office for a freaking 45 minutes just to complete a form that took me less than 5 minutes. They should seriously place some benches there or something lah.

Anyway, looking forward to the study week and the holidays. Since Dear doesn't allow me to work extra, I've decided to do lots of baking. Haha. Need to start scouring for recipes again. First on the list would be the CNY pineapple tarts. By my mom. I'll be helping lah, and then I can blackmail her into making lots more extras and then I can give away to others. Keke. Anyone wants to buy? Confirm nice one, because last year when my relatives tried the pineapple tarts they were full of praises. Heh.

Thinking of making muffins, and maybe some cookies. Heck, since I'll be having lots of time, might as well try my hand at smoothies too! Haha. QR's influence. I'll have to draw up a shopping list soon. I need lots and lots of flour!!! Haha.

I'm intending to spend one whole day at Kbox after the exams. And by one whole I mean from 11am to 2am. Haha. I can just hear Van, Ben and QR saying "Siao!" But I think they will go somehow or other one lah. Hopefully. Hehs.

Last Saturday went shopping at IKEA and Courts with Dear. I realised that IKEA furniture aren't suitable for me, because I have absolutely no interest in slowly putting the pieces together on my own, like doing some massive jigsaw. And besides, the designs are not unique enough. Simple yes, but common looking too. Well... Maybe a few exception. But the sofas and beds are super comfortable! Haha.

The Courts Megastore is so cool lah! They have this station where you can play their PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP games for free. But then you also get those super duper selfish people who plop their butts in front of the TV screens and never budge. =.=" Oh, and, I decided to target the Dell laptop. Umm... Forgot the model name and all, but I like the keypad. Haha. But then I'm hoping to wait and see if my sister's going to Taiwan to get that nice nice laptop. By ASUS. Haha. Is ASUS laptop good? Anyone knows?

My cough is getting slightly worse. Sad sad. Supposed to meet Celeste tomorrow for lunch, but haven't confirmed the time and everything yet. Hah. Super duper tired today. Weirdly, when I didn't sleep for the whole of Sunday night, I didn't feel tired at all yesterday. But after clocking in 6 hours of sleep last night, my body is still greedy for more. Win already luh. The more I sleep, the more tired I become.

Things I need to do during my holidays include sorting out, reorganising, elaborating and jotting out my many many weird business ideas, baking and tuition. Haha. Its going to be a great 2 months of relaxation!



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