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.Sunday, January 06, 2008 ' 11:30 PM Y
I managed to find the time and money to catch Body #19 at Golden Village today, so I'm just gonna do a short review before I go and try to reduce my workload a little bit.

Publicity for the movie states that its from the same director of Shutter and Alone, of which I watched the latter. Basically, the story plot is set pretty much along the same lines of most Thai horror movies. The main lead is this guy, Chon, who starts having nightmares in which he witnesses a brutal murder, and the ghost of the victim keeps telling him to find her.

There's a rather humorous scene where Chon is slicing prawns for cooking dinner and as usual you get the parts where he starts seeing weird stuff and accidentally cuts himself. At the hospital, the doctor who attends to him recommends him to a psychiatrist, and he thinks that the doctor is a quack. Haha. The dialogue was pretty funny lah.

The story goes on and on and then everything unravels. Reasons why he keeps having those nightmares and how come he keeps uttering the name Dararai. Very standardised plot, I'd say, with an almost expected twist at the end. There are a few mysteries which the scriptwriter didn't solve, and that pisses me off. I can't stand unsolved mysteries. Haha.
Having watched so many horror movies in the past 2 years, I can honestly say that this one isn't really all that scary. As in, you get a little scare here and there during the 2 hour long show, but after you walk out of the cinema, you pretty much forgot what made you jump in your seat just a few minutes ago. But what makes your ticket money worth its buck is the sound effects, the super uber digusting ghost, as well as the sick chopping of the victim. Quite gory, if you ask me, because the sounds of the man chopping the body up combined with the blood and seeing that huge chopper if enough to make your stomach queasy, if not puke up your lunch/dinner. But then again, those things are probably the only reasons that people like me keep splurging our money on horror shows. Haha. 3.5 stars out of 5. No credit to plot, but thumbs up for the being disgusting and gory enough to earn its NC-16 rating. The movie is available at all major theatres.
The other movie, Mission Sex Control, that has caught my interest is only being screened at Cathay cinemas, which means there's more inconvenience and I have to put off watching it until at least next Sunday. Haha.
I'm off to clear some schoolwork. Hope whoever reads this post enjoys my review, because in my own opinion, this is one of the better reviews I've done so far. Enjoy~!



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