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.Friday, January 18, 2008 ' 10:53 PM Y
I am officially SICK! Damn damn damn and damn! It feels as though all the dust in the whole wide world has decided to take up residence in my throat and nose-super irritating okay! And worse. I can't SING properly. I hate flus. Get me down with fever anytime, but not a stupid runny nose and irritated throat.

Finally finished with my part for BCA. That is, if they can FINALLY stop picking on what I did over the past 3 hours or so. You want to know what I mean? Well yesterday, because there was no lesson in the morning, the group decided to meet up to rush through the BCA project. Let's just ignore the fact that they were late for ONE FREAKING BLOODY HOUR, but I think I'm entitled to complain about the fact that they kept dismissing what I'd been doing for the past 5 hours, making me delete and redo over and over again. See? Nothing pleases them. Because they were like, "I want it this way." Even when it was literally not impossible to do it the way they wanted.

But that's not the point: What am I? Some maid they hired to do their dirty work? And no matter how many times or how nicely I try to put it across to them-actually only a specific someone- that it wasn't really possible to do it that way, it was as though I was talking to the wall behind them. How helpful.

Please oh please, if there's a God, make them turn alien for once and stop picking at my work so that I can turn in and have an early night. I almost flared up just now when my student asked me to change tomorrow's tuition to Sunday because she was tired. I mean come on! You're only going to school! I have to study, do shitty projects with shitty group members, and tuition you even when I'm sick! Have a little sympathy for me lah. But its okay. Im kind. So I agreed to the change. Still have to go back to school tomorrow though. Sucks.

Jannah asked me that day, why I was still so nice to my groupmates even though they're treating me so badly. I talk to them nicely, tell them about extra classes in case they don't know, and basically just behave as though there wasn't any animosity between us. That's because I don't see the point of bearing a grudge. Afterall, they haven't really done anything bad to me, and anyway, project aside, they're still considered nice.

Dear is very bad. He went to eat pizza today without me!!! How can like that? Take advantage of the sick. Haha. I miss Pizza Hut.

I lost a student and gained a student. Haha. A new student's parents cancelled at the last minute but today afternoon, my student from last year contacted me again. Or rather, her Mom contacted me. Wahaha. No loss for me, because I still earn more. Keke. Going to play some games then go sleep. Starting tomorrow after I've clocked in the beauty sleep I deserve, it'll be time to get down to hardcore revising for the final exams. Pray that I don't faint. Haha.

P.S. Celeste! MUFFINS!!!! Lol.



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