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.Wednesday, January 30, 2008 ' 1:48 AM Y
Who wants to try my Mom's homemade pineapple tarts tag me! Friends only. (I'm not helping out in the first batch because I have school. Haha.)

I don't know whether its because all my projects have been handed in, or simply because I'm lazy, but I've been feeling quite slack lately. Today, I unknowingly spent 3 whole hours simply lazing on the couch and watching TV. Until my body started wondering what I was doing.

Weirdly though, I'm looking forward to holing up in my room and mugging through Chinese New Year. Maybe its because I want to avoid the stanard onslaught of questions from my many aunties and uncles. I HATE it. I mean, its fine if you haven't seen me for a year and you wanna catch up, but do you have to ask and tell me the same things for 3 consecutive days?!?! Fucking irritating!

If you ask me what kind of mood I'm in right now, I wouldn't be able to find a description. Looking forward to studying hard, to collecting angbaos and to FINALLY receiving my pay. Sadly though, my pay comes in only AFTER CNY. Urgh~!

That day while I was daydreaming away on the bus, I came up with this "Money-No-Enough" theory. Do you wonder why we people always complain about not having enough money? Here's why:

At th start of the year, we're poor, because we blasted last month's pay plus bonus on Christmas gifts, dinners, travelling and other what-nots.

The adults' first pay packet goes towards angbaos for CNY, whereas teenagers spend our entire month's savings/earnings on clothes and shoes and accessories. All in the name of "the new year". But luckily, we get to "recoup" our expenses somewhat. Unless, of course, you can stingy relatives. But that's not the point.

You think angbao money is to keep in the bank and grow interest? Think again. Because what comes after that is Valentine's Day. Admit it. No matter whether you're attached or single, you tend to spend again on gifts for either your other half or else for close friends. And then there are the more-expensive-than-normal dinners that are unavoidable. Because it is a special occasion. So we spend and tell ourselves its okay.

After that, life presumable goes back to normal. We spend a little here and save a little there. But then there are birthdays. So majority of those savings go into buying gifts and planning surprises and blah blah blah. And then comes the middle of the year. Lo and behold! The SUPER Singapore Sale is here again! 60% off! How can we possible miss this chance to buy what we couldn't afford before? Bye bye savings.

After the SSS ends, we look sadly at our savings book and comfort ourselves with the thinking that now we can really get down to saving money now. Two months later, National Day. Who says we're not patriotic? Look at the amount of people contributing to the economy at fancy restaurants. You think they dine like this everyday? And how many times do we also indulge ourselves like that on public holidays as such?

And then finally, its the rush for end-of-year and Christmas sales again. Don't forget the countdowns that come 6 days after exchanging our Christmas sales. And then the cycle goes on.

And that, my friends, is why we NEVER have enough money.

Haha. I know its not some wonderful theory, but there's certainly some truth in it.

If you don't like my theory, too bad. Come up with one of your own then. Bleahs. I'm going to sleep. All that recalling of my daydream drained my brain juices. Goodnight.



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