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.Friday, January 04, 2008 ' 12:31 AM Y
I've finally relocated my blog after close to 3 years of using the same link. I wonder if there will be any readers at all. Haha. I've got lots and lots to blog about since my last post.

First, I'd like to wish anyone who's reading my blog a belated Happy New Year. I hope things turn out well for everyone this year, and that we will be happier than we were last year. =)

Today is the first day that I'm officially on Singtel's network, and I'm already starting to HATE it, after just half an hour of being on the network. For one, its so freaking lag that I feel like I'm on the ancient dial-up connection. AND to make it worse, the connection keeps getting connected and disconnected; the speed keeps going slow and fast; and the signal strength keeps flunctuating between Low and Very Good. I encountered NONE of these problems when I was on Starhub. My hands are itching to strangle my smart-alec sister.

School's started and I've still got lots and lots of assignments yet to complete. Lesson starts at 2pm tomorrow but I'm going to school freaking early at 9am to catch up on my projects and assignments. I've been suviving without much sleep for the past days because I'm simply to afraid that I'll oversleep again.

Tuition lessons and assignments are hectic too; I've got 5 students concurrently, and 1 more awaiting confirmation. And yea, obviously it means that I have lessons scheduled every single day. Even Sundays. Dear is groaning at my lack of free time. Haha. But anyway, it means that I'm going to be earning alot more than my initial target per month, and with luck, I'll be able to afford a new laptop by the time the vendors swarm to my school for the annual laptop fair, in around March.

Don't start lecturing me about wasting money because this laptop can seriously no longer perform its expected duties. Its so loaded with spywares and malwares that I'm surprised that it hasn't totally crashed yet. I can't even load Windows Explorer without using the Task Manager to run the program. How pathetic. Unless someone can recommend a trusted dealer who can repair my laptop at a reasonable price, I'm much better off with a new one. I'll miss this darling though. Haha. Maybe some second-hand dealer will be willing to buy it off my hands. Keke. But before that, I need to back-up some of my files, which means I need a removable disk huge enough to store thousands of songs and millions of documents.

I know I promised a review on the movie I Am Legend, so here you go:

Its actually more of a one-man show actually, with only Will Smith and his faithful German Shepherd on screen for 90% of the movie. The real humans do not appear for more than half an hour of the entire movie, and the zombies maybe even less. Its some far off year in the future, and some doctor comes up with a cure for cancer, only to find that it mutates human bodies into flesh-eating corpses that infect other humans. The whole of US has been deserted by all living humans, except for Will Smith, who's a virologist and immune to the infection. He stayed behind to try to find a cure for the infection, but isn't very successful. That is, until the end. There isn't very much humor except for the jokes he tries to crack to his dog, but the plot is definitely NOT dry. Its worth your ticket money, except you may want to watch on a weekday when the price is cheaper. Haha.

And if anyone is intending to watch Alien vs Predator 2, forget it. The whole show is so dark that half of the time, you can't actually tell who's alien and who's predator until the camera zooms up close. And the humans are basically just there to die and die. Zzz. It must have been one of the movie's targets to show to stupidity of the human race or something. There're some pretty gory scenes where the aliens eat up pregnant women's babies in their womb. Quite disgusting. On the whole, its just some lame show put together for money-making purposes with no solid storyline and too much darkness. Haha. I didn't like it.

There are quite a few group projects this term and I'm actually quite pissed off with some people. My team for IAC and LMS happens to be the same but sometimes, they are just so overly bossy. I'm not some minion who is supposed to follow them blindly, but that seems to be what they expect from me. They can accomodate another girl who is not free to meet up for project except on New Years' Eve and then they expect everyone to be free on that day. I mean, hello?!! Its New Years' Eve. Do you really think that I'd be sitting there expecting to be called up for project? Don't be crazy. I understand that you guys are also sacrificing, but please don't act so bossy can? I do not like being ordered about. Thank you.

And I know I suck at BCA because I'm always sleeping in class. But that does not mean that I do not know that I do not know what's going on for PBL. I admit that sometimes I'm blur, but when I give ideas, do you guys actually bother to listen? NO. So please shut up about me contributing the least. I can't help it if you guys suddenly sms me the day before and TELL me to meet you guys the next day. Did you ever bother asking if I had something on? Just because you are free on Sundays does not mean that I have to be too. Urgh.

Sorry for being a bitch, but sometimes stress makes you say things that you've been trying to repress. Off to watch VCD. Haha.



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