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.Thursday, January 24, 2008 ' 12:39 PM Y
Project is OVER. Happy. Haha. Still got BMGT lah... But that's more or less over as well.

O Level results will be out today, so good luck to all those receiving their results. I promised Ben and Van a party if they do well, and more likely than not, I'll have to throw that party. Haha. I don't really mind lah, just that I need some ideas of where you guys would like to go, and wha you'd like to do. Because if you ask me to choose, be prepared to be holed up in Kbox for the entire day. =P

Poor SY. His two weeks of block leave seem to be passing very fast. Heard that he'll be receiving his vocation and posting soon. Haha. And Dear is irritating me all the time by chanting "ORD, ORD, ORD." Urgh. And what makes him happier is the fact that he probably will not have to do reservice. I bet he can't wait to collect his IC and flaunt it in front of SY. Guys can be so childish. Hehs. But I'm happy for him too. Because he can finally NOT be so tired and stressed out everyday, and then I won't have to massage for him so much. Keke.

Something Gabbie said yesterday made me smile super widely. He sms-ed me this: Violence begets violence. Man should follow Einstein's example. He grew up taking all the insults and then invented the atomic bomb. Haha.

Thanks to Dear, Gabbie, Ben and QR for cheering me up and being there for me. You guys are the greatest friends! Especially Gabbie, since I've never actually met him before. Haha. Hugs and kisses to all of you, but don't worry I won't get depressed or anything over what a bunch of no-lifers have said. My life belongs to me, and how I lead it is none of their problem. Speaking of which. Since I'm in a great mood today, I shall dedicate a post to all those losers who have tried so hard to insult me through my tagboard.

I'll be stopping here since lesson's ending soon. Thankfully, tuition today is on schedule and I'll be able to get home and rest after 6pm. A little rushed, but I'm fine with it. Next month my bank account will be nicely fed with money, and I won't have to scrimp so hard anymore. Hurray. Finally can afford some wants of my own, and just in time to buy gifts for Valentine's Day too. Things are certainly looking up. *Grins*



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