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.Thursday, January 24, 2008 ' 5:31 PM Y
Congrats to Van and Ben who got a whopping 10 points for their L1R4 and a 12 and 11 respectively for their L1R5. Will I see you guys in NP in April? Haha.

I'd just like to address the concerns of my tag "audience".

A certain IT by the name of "fatty" seems to think that I'm baking pastries for it to consume. I know people like to escape from reality every now and then but... animals too? Why is you so concerned about not daring to eat what I bake? I have absolutely no intention of letting you eat what I bake. I didn't know animals hallucinated too. Sue me if you have grounds to.

This great sinner seems to be rumbling on and on. So um... what is your main point again? If you are trying to lecture me about work attitude, bear in mind that there are always 2 sides to a story. Oops. I forgot. You probably don't have a mind. If you are trying to say that I'm fat and being an eyesore to other, sorry, but there's probably nothing you can do about it. So live with it or go jump down from some deserted building. You're the one with the problem, not me. Alright, let's not go to the extreme. It will do just as well to dig out your eyeballs since your sight has been polluted. Poor thing. Its no use having balls but no brains is there? And worse, no supporting equipment. Tragedy.

And last but not least, the moron who hates debbie so much. Did I mention that the feeling is entirely mutual? Even though in this blog, only Makino exists. Just that I don't really hate, because I don't see the point of remembering such unpleasant scum. Thank you for complimenting that my clothes look very nice. But really, its just T-shirt and long pants. I'm not in the habit of wearing really short skirts to school and giving excuses like "I ran out of clothes!". Unlike some people.

Anyway, back to the topic. If you're puking over nothing, I suggest you consult a doctor. And get a shrink while you're at it. Because sometimes its just the brain that's doing the weird stuff. That is, if that pile of mushy dung up there in your head is even considered a brain. Last but not least, even if I cannot sing, what can you do to stop me from singing? I know your mouth is too full of thrash to even be able to utter a real word, but don't say grapes are sour just because you don't get to eat them. I know you're too pathetic to get your own other half. Try the zoo. Maybe one of Ah Meng's descendants need help in carrying on the family line. You'd be perfect for the role.

Its weird when people say things like "I don't know what to say" and then keep on spewing thrash like there's no tomorrow. Talk about contradiction. They should really get classes on how to insult a person correctly, because based on what they're doing now, I'd say they've only succeeded in making real fools out of themselves. Although they already are. Tip number 1. Don't bother trying to insult others with such lousy language skills. You will just sound like some pathetic hyena seeking for attention.

I know some people are expecting to see their supposedly BIG names here but that's just another hallucination. Their names ain't even fit to be typed by my fingers, much less appear on my personal blog.

Read this and rebutt me. It will only make me happier to see those morons getting all flustered and worked up over my words. The power of words is simply amazing. Thanks for making my day a smug and happy one. HAHA.

P.S Never take on a scorpion.



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