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.Friday, January 25, 2008 ' 12:41 AM Y
My third post in a day, but this time, I hope that no matter how much you hate me, just leave me alone. Just for this time. Respect a mourner's private space to grief.

A few days into the new year, the news announced the death of Jimmy Nah, better known as MC King to everyone. Reading the news slide on ChannelNewsAsia, I thought I had misread.

Two days ago, another actor, Heath Ledger, was found dead in his own apartment.

Today, a primary school classmate said hi to me on MSN and asked me this:"Hey debbie. Do you remember Kenrick?"

I said yes, of course I remember him.

She went on to say "He got a brain infection sometime back, and then it got worse. A few of us will be attending his funeral tomorrow night. Coming?"

Shock is a mild word to describe how I felt and how I'm still feeling now.

A quick search to his MSN profile. "I really wish to recover to play badminton."

And no. This is not the end.

As I was telling MJ about this, asking if he wanted to go for the funeral, he told me his dad had passed away 2 months ago too.

Double shock. Again, too mild to describe the numbness growing inside me. So numb, I can't even find the tears. A sense of helplessness and depression started taking over my senses.

A tribute to Kenrick:

We may not have been close friends, but being in the same class for 2 years with you was fun. I still remember how you and Jeremy were always one of the jokers of the class. I remember teasing you about having a crush on Michelle Er and seeing you blush to the roots of your hair. Your laughter and cheer will be missed by all of us.

A reminder to everyone out there to cherish your loved ones every moment of the day. Like MJ put it, "I thought I saw him (Kenrick) online just a few days ago...?"

Yes. And today suddenly, he is gone. Never will anyone see him log in to MSN again. The only point of contact left between us after we left CZPS will no longer exist, except for the faint memory we keep in our hearts.

This doesn't fit into this entry, but those losers out there who have so much free time to spam me with your nonsense, I hope that out of the numerous flaws you're possessed with, at least you have a heart and a conscience. Any more hate posts will be promptly deleted, so don't bother. You're not welcome in this abode of mine either, so scram. No traces of your presence will be allowed to linger here anymore.



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