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.Sunday, January 06, 2008 ' 1:49 AM Y
Things are slowly but surely starting to pile up. Its just like the daily peak period for taxi drivers where there are a lot of passengers out there but not enough time to pick up them all. Project presentations are all due within the next 2 weeks and I've sacrificed millions of hours of sleep doing research after research. My eyes hurt. Tution schedules are filled to the brim and sets into full swing at the start of the coming week. Macroeconomics test 2 is in 1 week, MYOB due in 5 days and final exams in 5 weeks. The word "STRESS" pops into my mind a zillion times a day, and I'm starting to hate myself for whining, even if only to myself. Iwant to be determined to handle whatever stress there is but sometimes its simply overwhelming. See? I'm still complaining.

The deal with the 6th student fell through, so officially I have 5. I don't want to admit it, but I was more than a little relieved when I got the news from my agent. Haha. But I'm still open to one more offer. Crazy right? Packing my schedule to the very last minute so that I don't have too much free time. Haha, but I'd rather be too busy than too free so that I don't have time to let my thoughts run wild. Besides, I'm sick of constantly have to worry about not having money to live off the next month. I rather have extra money in my bank account than go the bank and have my knees go weak at the single digit balance. Will really faint okay. Haha.

Alright alright, I'll stop rambling about work and school. Something light-hearted? But I can't think of anything. Haha. Chinese New Year's coming soon. Time to buy new clothes and everything. Actually I don't really understand that trend of buying everything new for CNY. I mean, its as though we're all still living in the kampong era where we only get to buy new stuff once a year. Most of our wardrobes are probably so full of clothes that we can't even account for the actual amount. And we're spending extra money to buy unncessary stuff, despite inflation and GST hikes. And then bah kwas start rising to tens of dollars per kilo and people queue to hours on end just to buy barbequed pork. How dumb can humans get?

I think adults should be the ones getting angbaos instead of the kids; you know, to reimburse them for the huge expenses incurred just for that few days of festivites. Imagine how their hearts must be aching, but yet they still have to smile and say "Happy New Year" to everyone. Lol. Just a bit of my musings, because I'm super reluctant to spend my pay on frivolities. Keke. Two months of scrimping has turned me into a miser. =P

Not many interesting movies this week, but I'm thinking Misson Sex Control and Body#19 shouldn't be too bad. The first's a Korean comedy and who doesn't like comedies? As for the second... well, let's just say that I'm a sucker for horror and thrillers. Need to try and find time for movie watching though.

By now everyone should have heard of the death of Jimmy Nah, better known as McKing to all of us. 40 year old and suddenly dead, just like that. Imagine the many unfulfiled wishes and unspoken words he never got to say. No offense though, but I found it ironcal how people never used to leave comments at his blog and everything but all of a sudden just because he's dead, his last post is swarmed with well wishes and all. Erm... pardon me but isn't it a little too late? No ill intentions, I swear. The entire celebrity world has been shaken by his death and there have been many tributes posted to him on their blogs. May he rest in peace.

Getting sleepy already. I'll try to blog again as soon as possible, although there isn't much motivation to do so. Goodnightx!



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