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.Sunday, February 03, 2008 ' 5:09 PM Y
I didn't buy anything yesterday. =(

After spending 5 hours at AMK Hub yesterday, Dear and I realised that the mall isn't actually as big as we thought. Haha.

Dear bought a shirt at Crocodile. SUPER expensive can? I always thought Crocodile catered to uncles, but apparently not. They do sell apparel that are suitable for younger men but its freaking expensive! The original price the shirt that Dear bought was $89.90. Like, oh my GOD, I can buy 2 pairs of shoes and still have leftover change okay!!! Luckily I had a $50 discount voucher. Haha.

Oh. And we also bought something else at $108. Keke. Secret purchase. =P

We're going to Suntec and Tampines Mall on Tuesday and Wednesday to make some last-minute purchases. I still got shoes and accessories to buy!!! And preferably another top. Haha. Still debating whether I should make new spectacles. My brain and eyes tell me that I need to wear them, but my body tells me that its too uncomfortable. Haha.

Am I gushing too much about these material luxuries? Oh my god. I seriously hope I'm not turning bimbotic. I don't want to be like...... Ahem. I'm getting a new PSP Slim. Wahahahaha. Call me a wastrel but I don't care. Purple rocks.

The past few days have been pretty slack, except for tuition. I'm at a loss over what I'm going to do during the holidays. Everytime I try to plan, a little demon at the back of my mind says, "Get another part-time job."

Yea Ben, you were right. I really need to get a life. But what does "having a life" encompass? Going shopping everyday? Sitting at home and relaxing? Baking cookies and muffins every single day? I realised that I don't know the meaning of "relax" anymore. The thought of lazing around and doing nothing is tempting, but some part of me doesn't condone it. Basically, I need to be doing something. I need to be active and be on the move. And I don't want to think about incessant things. Someone tell me what I can do!



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