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.Friday, February 08, 2008 ' 1:43 AM Y
Happy CNY everyone!!!

I realised that for most of us teenagers, CNY is just about collecting red packets and nothing more. Its getting to be a trend. Haha.

This year's CNY is pretty much the same old routine. Reunion dinner yesterday was at my paternal grandmother's house with my cousins and my goodness! They really changed a whole freaking lot can!

Today was totally "siansation" all the way. Slept at 4am in the morning and then woke up at about 1 plus in the afternoon. I was the 1st person in the whole house to be ready to go out okay! My sister took DAMN long "drawing" her face. I can never understand why girls spend hours and hours making up their face. I mean, a little bit of lipstick or foundation now and then is fine, but the full works? Spare me please.

First stop was at my paternal grandmother's house again. Had a little bit of lunch and then sat around watching TV and then went to my second aunt's house. HUGE gathering. 7 families squeezed into one 4-room flat. And 7 ang baos. LOL. I tried my hardest to blend in with the wall, and let's just say I pretty much succeeded. It was a little nerve-wrecking though, watching my sister show-off her achievements. Don't be mistaken, its not jealousy; it just sounds too arrogant for my ears. Anyway, we stayed for around 2 hours then went back to my Ah Ma house(again!) for dinner with my other relatives. Ang baos again! Hyuk hyuk.

A few of my aunties and uncles said some pretty hurtful things about me and my weight, so I just gave them my "don't-care" attitude. How come people always forget that the other party you're talking also happens to be a human with feelings? How come people can say all sorts of hurtful things and expect you to stomach it just because they're the elders? Super fucking irritating okay? For the second day in a row, my entire mood and appetite was totally ruined! Didn't eat much for dinner; just a few small steamboat items here and there and then I just left the dinner table. With a can of beer. Haha. Very long never drink already. And because I'm the only teenager there who drinks, I got another earful of nagging. Can you people just LEAVE ME ALONE already?!!!

Headed for my 3rd aunt's house at 10 plus and watched the adults plow through 3 rounds of mahjong. Just sat around and did nothing but watch TV until around 1am, then came home finally. Long and boring day, with the same old repetition tomorrow. BUT! I may be able to spend a few hours with Dear because we're not going visiting until evening time. Woohoo!

Alright! Updated! Now off to play games! Haha.



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