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.Wednesday, February 06, 2008 ' 5:07 PM Y
Happy Chinese New Year (Eve)! Just came back from a haircut and a movie with Dear.

Haha yes, I cut my hair again. At that Shunji Matsuo outlet at Century Square. There was this Cut, Wash and Blow package for $32 so I gave it a try. The service isn't bad, and I'm satisfied with how I look now. Haha. My hair is now shorter by 2 inches and a lot thinner than before. And the best part is, they actually use that rebonding thingy to help you straighten your hair a little. So now my hair doesn't look that messy anymore. Wahahahaha. Considering going back there to do hair treatment but I think its quite expensive. Haha. I'm so vain. =P

Anyway, Dear and I watched CJ7 today. Initially wanted to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd but the timings available sucked, so we settled for the former instead. Its quite a nice movie. A lot a lot of funny parts and just a bit of emotional scenes, but also a little too exaggerating for my liking. The alien is super duper CUTE can! The kid actor (Xu Jiao) playing the role of Stephan Chow's son is really good, although there are some parts where she's abit stiff. Its lighthearted enough for Chinese New Year mood, because the emotional scences don't last too long. The entire cinema was laughing throughout most of the movie. I give it 4 stars. 1 star deducted for too much exaggeration and also because its not really good enough for 5. Haha. You guys should watch it though; I highly recommend it. Will be watching Ah Long Pte Ltd on Saturday, so watch out for my review around Sunday or so. =)

I really should get down to studying soon. I haven't even started AT ALL. Considering bringing my little notebook while visiting my relatives. I mean, I rather mug than listen to their endless gossip, of which I'm sure to be part of. Thanks but no thanks, I can live with pretending not to hear anything. See no evil, hear no evil. May the new year pass quickly but with lots of ang baos. Haha. Enjoy as much as you can! Ciao!



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