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.Sunday, February 17, 2008 ' 4:14 AM Y
I really should be getting to sleep. Tuition at 11am tomorrow, and for some funny reason, I always have trouble keeping my eyes open towards the end of my Sunday lesson. Could be the fengshui or something. Haha.

I was tempted to update the past few days, but I kept putting it off because I wanted to post some pictures. As usual, I procrastinated. Haha. Long entry today, without pictures. Sorry!


After surfing through many many blogs of ex-primary and ex-secondary school classmates, many snippets of past memories ran through my mind, and suddenly, it seems just yesterday when we had met one another. 10 years is a long time, but it can still pass that quickly. I listed them all under a new section at the side called "Past Acquaintances". Why the name? Because these are people who I don't really talk to, and probably won't even say hi to on the streets. I just know them and that's all. Don't ask me why I bothered to link them. xP


Anyway, scrap that "emo" rambling. Exams started yesterday and so far I've sat for 2 papers.

FFA was a blast. I am so uber proud of myself for reconciling my Bank Reconciliation Statement when so many people did not. And I didn't have to work backwards, unlike some people. Ahem. Sorry for the personal attack. I just couldn't resist. =P Even though the last question cost me quite a few marks, I'm still confident of getting a B. I stayed up the whole of Thursday night, which happened to be Valentine's Day, mugging for that 1 paper okay. As a result, the words on the paper were swimming right before my eyes. It took extra time for me to be able to comprehend some of the questions.

Business Law today was absolute crap. I read the first question and my heart skipped a beat. I continued on to the 3rd question and my heart was already barely palpitating at all. Upon finishing reading the entire paper, I almost fainted there and then. The questions looked totally alien to me!!! Admittedly, I didn't study much. I know I know. Its my own fault. But seriously, I was so fucking tired after staying up on Thursday night that I couldn't stay awake past 1am yesterday. This morning I woke up at 6am in my own bed without any recollection of how I stumbled into my bed. And worse, my arms had been literally attacked by bloody mosquitoes. F-U-C-K. I am so prepared to flunk this paper. ARGH!

I'm intending to mug through the night again tomorrow for the BMGT paper on Monday. Tuition ends that day at 9.30pm and I predict I'm going to reach home and plonk onto my bed and not wake up until the next day at 1pm. Haha. I'd love to sleep later than that, but sorry, I have tuition (again).

I'm such a workaholic. 5 students (1 more on hold) and awaiting confirmation for another part-time job as a promoter for the travel fair exhibition going to be held in Suntec sometime during the start of March. $200 for 2 days of hard work, but I just know I'm going to enjoy myself alot. Hehs

Its weird how, no matter how I try to budget myself, my money still ends up being overspent. I need stricter self-discipline. Seriously. When my pay comes in on Tuesday, $300 is going to end up as a loan to my sister to help her settle her insurance. Which leaves me with a meager 30 bucks. Luckily, I get paid again on Friday. Haha.

Oh. Did I mention that I signed up for an examination jointly held by LCCIEB and MYOB? LCCIEB is a UK based business school (quote) " provides vocational qualifications that are practical and relevant to the current working environment, whereas MYOB, which stands for Mind-Your-Own-Business is an accounting software developer.

Freaking 90 bucks for 1 exam, but I get the set of study guides as well as a free installation of the latest version of the MYOB software. And the certificate is recognised internationally. Good huh?


Speaking of budgets, did you guys read today's Newpaper? There's a report that says that the government's fiscal surplus for last year for 6.4 billion. For those of you who do not know, fiscal surplus is something, say you had this budget amount that you can spend for the next year and you spend lesser than the budget, the extra amount is the surplus. And 6.4 billion for a little red dot is a FREAKING HUGE AMOUNT! And that's just the extra. Imagine the full amount. Imagine swimming in all the zeros. Haha.


Alright alright. Bedtime! I have only 5 hours of beauty sleep left. Darn. I promise that the next entry will be FULL of pictures. I swear. If there are no pictures then I am a stupid piggy panda who munches on donuts. Haha.

So don't be surprised if my next entry is dated 2009. LOL.

Just kidding!

Okay lah! Goodnight. My eyebags are so heavy that they look like "natural" eyeliner! Haha.



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