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.Friday, March 21, 2008 ' 12:59 AM Y
Yesterday, I met with my Viwawa mahjong kakis, Edmund (Old Man) and Carel.

Because we were still in the "shy-shy" stage, there are no group photos. xD

Ed and I met up at Lucky Chinatown at about 3 plus for Kbox. Carel was supposed to join us, but she "aeroplane-ed" us and didn't turn up. So end up there was just Ed and me.

We call Ed Old Man because at 28, he's 10 years older than me and 9 years older than Carel. So can you imagine us singing karaoke together? Angela Chang and Rainie Yang vs Andy Lau and Huang Pin Yuan. Weird combination luh.

Well anyway, the real fun started when Carel joined us for dinner at around 7 plus. I couldn't believe how bad the traffic at Chinatown was until I saw it for myself. Ed's car got stuck at the same traffic junction until the traffic lights changed thrice.

Picked up Carel along the Central Mall area (red zone! And Ed was using his handphone without the handset) and then headed to Boat Quay area where we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Golden Cafe. The food was quite yummy lah, but Carel was in a rush to get to work.

We accompanied her to Lighthouse, where she was working as a waitress. Its my first time visiting a pub, and its super different from what I expected pubs to be. Firstly, its not as sleazy as some media portray them to be, neither is it as noisy as clubbing. I know sound like some mountain mushroom already.

The HUGE difference between a pub and club is that instead of dancing, the patrons SING. Like a mini Kbox, just that you have to be 18 to get in, and you are singing in front of dozens of strangers using a wireless microphone and looking at lyrics on a smaller television screen. Haha. And guess what? I sang too!

2 days ago, if you suggested that I sing in front of a stranger, I'd NEVER dare to do it. But yesterday I just let go and sang in front of everyone at the pub. Maybe it was the beer that made me loosen up. Haha. By the way, Carel sings VERY well.

At a rate of $10 per hour, her job is to wait on her customers, chat, drink, play dice or cards and sing with them. Quite a relaxed job, just that she's got to drink ALOT and sing alot. The latter of which I wouldn't mind.

I drank more than I've ever drunk yesterday. Close to a jug. I know its probably peanuts to some people but to me, that's considered quite alot already. And I didn't get drunk. Hurray! Haha. Okay lah. No more words. Just a few more pictures and some captions.


What Raffles Place looks like at midnight on a weekday.

And last but not least, I saw FOUR of these posters around the lift lobby at my block:

I'm no Hitler, but please preach your religion somewhere else can? What do you guys build the church for?

P.S Sorry about the alignment of the captions but I just couldn't get it right and I'm tired. xD



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